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Pantera Blacksmith…

The Infamous Trickster

I first heard of Pantera waaaaaay back in early 2006, not long after I got my very first pole (an X-Pole of course), when I was only a beginner pole dancer!

My giddy mate came dashing over to my house waving ‘Pole tricks 101’  in her hand, and with the pole set up n’ ready in my living room we had the DVD on in seconds!  At first, I was wildly confused.  I remember saying: [quote float=”left”]Nah mate, this isn’t quite what we were after; this is more like for circus people!.[/quote] But of course, like a car wreck….I couldn’t look away!  Eyes glued to the screen, dumbstruck expressions and open swung gobs, the three of sat and watched this amazing woman with superhero strength lash herself around the pole with lightening speed and pin-point precision.  We were mesmerised as Pantera lay flat on the ceiling and laughed in the face of gravity!

We all went to bed that night, changed for life!  How did she do it?  Man I didn’t even know half that stuff was even possible!  Who is she?  Where did she come from?  This was a few years ago so if she was that good then…. what will she do next??!!  I didn’t know ANYTHING about her.  Today, my questions were answered, she invented the ‘Death Lay’, and I can tell you….her name is…..


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