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DIET: Eating to prevent bruising

Prevention is better than cure …

Before taking any new supplements or making new diet changes, you should always consult your GP and dispensing herbalist.  OBVS. 

Bruises, Pole Kisses – come hand in hand with pole, most especially when your a total newbie.

I firmly believe that if you ain’t bruising, you ain’t doing it right!  And if you do get some good un’s, then we should wear them like a badge of honor as they represent achievement.

But that’s not for everybody and some people just bruise like a peach, ending up looking a bit battered and unsightly.

This could be because you are deficient in Vitamin K, or C, and a simple diet change could make a huge difference here.  But of course – speak to your GP about that as – I’m no Doctor!

Alternatively, you could talk to your local dispensing herbalist.  If you live in or near Chester, we like the people at The Groves Herbalist shop in Hoole.  They’re cool.

Either way, it’s generally a good idea to get your vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients from a good, balanced diet – naturally, as diet plays a role in both the prevention and healing of bruises.

Here are 7 diet changes you can easily make help prevent pole bruises:

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