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How to take care of your X-Pole

x-pole-x-jointA basic guide to looking after your shiny new x-pole! 

‘HOW TO’… Release a jammed X-Joint (new range X-Poles)

Although the new range X-Poles (which include the new X-Joints instead of the screw threads) are an improved version of the older model and eliminate all the below issues of screw joints seizing shut etc…, they have a problem of their own – sometimes they get jammed – I mean, that they twist around inside the pole so that when it comes to breaking the pole down, the holes are all mis-aligned and you can’t get the hex key back in.

This happens because when you set up, you are SUPPOSED TO screw the bottom one a bit at first, then the top, then the bottom etc…. not screw each one in fully one at a time….it is buried in the instruction manual somewhere but we all miss it! Continue reading “How to take care of your X-Pole”

Candy & Chrome Pole Dance in Yatter Yatter

Candy & Chrome pole dancing in Yattar Yattar magazine, Winter 2010/11 issue

Candy & Chrome pole dancing of Chester in Yattar YattarWe are proud to announce that we have been featured in Yattar Yattar magazine!  In the Winter 2010/11 issue, page 41.

Yattar Yattar is the new glossy lifestyle magazine for Wales, The Northwest and The Marches.  It is exciting, unique and fun and with the largest readership for a regional title in this area, it is going from strength to strength!

Pick it up free at your local Tesco or Sainsburys. Continue reading “Candy & Chrome pole dancing in Yattar Yattar magazine, Winter 2010/11 issue”