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Exfoliating & Moisturising

By now you know …

That once you get past beginner level, more and more pole moves require lots of skin contact on the pole.  It’s not all about muscle, it’s about technique!

Learning the technique however, and being able to hold the poses on the pole depends on having GOOD bare skin contact.

Skin that’s too dry:

Equals crap grip.  Dry, chalky, under nourished skin just utterly fails to grip the pole.

Skin that’s too clammy:

Whether it’s because of sweat, products on the skin or over-moisturising also equals crap grip. Slippery slip slide n slop.
So how do we look after our skin without committing the cardinal sin of pole?

‘Thou shall not moisturise on day of pole’.

By looking after it in-between your pole sessions, by doing these three simple things … Continue reading “Exfoliating & Moisturising”