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Pole Fitness with Denise Mulder, Basic & Advanced.

pole dance dvd reviewWho is it by?:

Denise Mulder

Who is it for?: Beginner to Intermediate students

Costs: £10 each

Buy at: Amazon

Candy & Chrome Rating:    ***  3 out of 5 stars

Would be great, if not for the language barrier.

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Suzie Q…

Instructor, Model & Showgirl

Soooo ….. Suzie Q – I ‘found’ her by accident really, I was watching MPD Aus 08 – By then I already knew that Felix had won it but hadn’t seen the routine.  My TV remote was on the fritz and THANK GOD! Otherwise I would have skipped ahead and just watched that (oh the shame!) … So I watched the whole thing in one sitting. [quote float=”left”]Although I loved every single performance, Suzie Q had something special for me.  Her ‘Mission Impossible’ routine absolutely blew me away![/quote]Each performance has a strong theme, and all the shebang that goes with it – the music, the costume, the moves.  Her show-womanship is so believable, she made me feel like I was in her world every time.  So when I heard that she would be at LIW  here in the UK, I jumped at the chance to go and see her ….. and her pet skunk.

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