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10 Motivational Tips

To Keep Your ‘PoleJo’ Flowing

Pole is for life, not just for January!
I know that when you make your new year resolutions, you really do mean it.  I believe you.  You genuinely have the best of intentions.
But you’d be a superfreak if you naturally just kept them all for the whole year without hiccup.
The human body DOES NOT store motivation, so don’t dwell when you fall off the wagon – that’s inevitable and the odds are never in your favour when it comes to staying motivated by yourself.
That only way you fail is if you give up when you’re on a downer. It’s easy done.

So how to beat it? STAY MOTIVATED! Sounds simple enough but actually THAT’S the hardest part of all.
I’m no expert at this either, however I do have at least 10 good tips that could help you… Continue reading “10 Motivational Tips”

Candy & Chrome Pole Dancing website featured on Polessentials!

Hi All,

This is the Polessentials website, a relatively new site based in America which contains useful pole info from around the globe.  Keep up to date with recent goings on and all things pole dance!

Candy & Chrome are happy to be listed under the ‘Pole Resources’ Section, along with other ‘useful pole dancing websites’! …… See…. I’m useful!

Anyway here’s the link to our bit: