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Candy & Chrome pole dancing Chester reaches Level 2 status…

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  ‘ In general,  Level 2 instructors should exemplify excellence in teaching quality and have extensive pole fitness industry experience.’


Amy (Tiny), our principal instructor at Candy & Chrome pole dancing Chester has reached Level 2 PDC Instructor status!

Errrr….what is the PDC?

  ‘ The Pole Dance Community (PDC) represents a group of independent pole dance schools, that have agreed to abide by a code of conduct, ensuring best practise within the fitness pole dancing industry.  They have each provided proof of their insurance, experience, safe practice and fair pricing.  They represent the best you could wish from a pole dance school ‘.

Okay great, so why is level 2 status special? Continue reading “Candy & Chrome pole dancing Chester reaches Level 2 status…”

Pole Passport (AAP) – Everything you need to know

What is it?

pole dancing lessons chesterGood question!  Ok first of all I will tell you what all these letters stand for:

 PDC – Pole Dance Community

 AAP – Advancement Accreditation Programme

Basically, it’s a little ‘Pole Passport’ which students,  instructors and general pole enthusiasts can buy and acts as proof of your skill level.


Think of it like this:  In Karate, you get different coloured belts.  In gymnastics you get  awarded different grades.  Hell – even your local pub’s footy team get awarded trophies each season they play!

The PDC AAP programme is nationally recognised, which means that you can take your passport to any other PDC registered school to continue your learning, or any master class, pole jam or other events!  This is your POLE RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT! Continue reading “Pole Passport (AAP) – Everything you need to know”

Candy & Chrome’s Interview featured on the PDC website!

Alethea Austin Interview

Candy & Chrome’s Interview with Alethea Austin is featured on the Pole Dance Communitie’s website!

Alethea Austin InterviewHi Folks,

Just to let you know that Candy & Chrome’s famous pole dancer interviews are featured yet again on the PDC website, thanks to the lovely people of the Pole Dance Community.

It took 6 months to make this one as Alethea has been so super busy this year!   As you may or may not have noticed, throughout the time it took us to do this, Alethea was going through some intensive training ready for this year’s USPDF show – which she went on to WIN and became America’s newest pole dance champion!

And Candy & Chrome’s long awaited interview is done and finally ready for you viewing pleasure, you can see it HERE on the PDC site.

Candy & Chrome’s article is featured on the PDC website


The sound people at the ‘Pole Dance Community’ have made Candy & Chrome’s Interview with Felix Cane a featured article on their website!

They have put a mention on the front page and created a blog which include’s our work.  Click here to see.

Thanks Guys! X

Pole Dance Community
Pole Dance Community