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Advanced Pole Work & Fire

Who is it by?:  Fawnia Mondey, Tammy Morris, Kelly Kane, Natasha Bird.

Who is it for?:  Advanced students

Costs:  £16

Buy at:  Isn’t she pretty

Candy & Chrome Rating:  ****

4 Out of 5 Stars – FANTASTIC, but brief! Continue reading “Advanced Pole Work & Fire”

A Pole Lot of Fun

pole dance dvd reviewWho’s it by?: Pole Lot of Fun Enterprises.  Instructional demonstrations by Fawnia Mondey.

Who’s it for?:  Absolute beginners, real women, the out of shape, starting from scratch.

Costs:  £15

Buy at:   www.isntshepretty.co.uk

Candy & Chrome Rating:   **

2 out of 5 stars – Does what it says on the tin, but you won’t learn much. Continue reading “A Pole Lot of Fun”