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Zoraya & Nic Judd…Nic

Meet the Judds….

I was super excited about doing this interview as it’s a rare kind (absolutely nothing to do with Nic being an outrageously hunky hottie!). Usually I just interview the superstar but the Judds are unique because they are very much a team.

Zoraya is the talent for sure, and my pole idol, but there’s a saying that ‘behind every great man is a strong woman’ right? well, this interview is also unique because this time I get to hear from the other side of the coin, in this case – [quote float=”left”]’behind the great woman is her strong man.[/quote]

I wanted to interview Nic because he too has made his mark in pole as being something of a super hero himself. So I wanted to find out how he has managed to dodge becoming a ‘pole widow husband’ and helped his talented wife succeed, how he maintains support and where we can get ten more like him!

All about Nic …

Nic Judd

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