Valentine Burlesque Workshop


Presented by Candy & Chrome, with Guest Instructor Lola Lashes

Learn the ‘Art Of Tease’ and have some fun just fully embracing being a vibrant, confident, sensual WOMAN with us in this 2 hour Valentine themed workshop.

Pre-Requisites:  None whatsoever.  Anyone can try this class.



A fully choreographed, sexy Burlesque routine, designed to engage and excite your audience!  This routine has been choreographed with the intention for you to later perform it for your special someone.

During your Valentine routine, the instructor will teach you:

To walk with power, prowess and confidence
Poses that command attention and show off your form
Chair work that that will engage and tantalize your viewer
Sexy shoe removal
Classic Burlesque, playful stocking removal
Sensual garment removal and how to perfectly execute ‘The Big Reveal’!

Use of props will be offered to incorporate into your routine, but it is not essential that you do, sometimes simple is best!  And as Candy & Chrome standard, you will have plenty of freedom, suggestions and support for personalisation, and expressing yourself.  Tailor it YOUR WAY!


For this workshop you will need:

SHOES – Something easy to walk in, and easy to slip off!  So no buckles or straps to faff with!
STOCKINGS – Hold-up’s or Suspenders – choose your weapon!
OVER WEAR – Something that covers the goodies, is easy to get out of and will add towards your ‘Big Reveal’.  Think of it like unwrapping  gift.  You’re the gift!  The underwear is the wrapping, and the overwear is the bow.  You could Go feminine and choose something slinky & sexy like a silk slip night dress or gown, or a kimono even? or Go bold and bring one of your Man’s shirts and a tie maybe?
UNDER WEAR – A corset is fine if your a seasoned expert, but otherwise you may prefer a sexy matching two piece!  Or something even more fruity… if you dare!


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