Lupit Pole Dance Grip Pad





Is the latest Pole Dance specific designed grip product on the market.
It fits nicely in your pole gym kit bag, and can be used with your other grip products (such as an anti perspirant or other brands of grip aid).
But the best thing about it’s clever design is … You can use it on the pole, on your hands AND on your body!

Use the pink side of the pillow for your hands and body – we recommend that you just lightly wipe your hands for one or two strokes to start with even if you are the sweatyest of Betties.
DO NOT under estimate it’s power!
After vigourous testing, we found that the product not only gives you magical instant grip, but it also builds momentum throughout your training session, so initial overloading is an easy mistake to make.
Therfore we say, start light, and build up if you need more, or supplement with another product.
You can also use the pink side on your legs too, or elswhere on your body – it may just be the extra bit of help you need to nail that new trick!

You can use the black side on your pole.
Have you ever noticed at pole competitions, how some performers will manually coat the pole with their chosen grip product by hand before they dance?
Well with this clever product – you don’t need to do that anymore!
Just use the black side to give your pole a quick lick of this magical formula and you’re away!
Lupit Pole Grip works with all known pole coatings: stainless steel, chrome, brass, powder paint coating.

The manufacturers say that the Lupit Pole Grip pillow will last a long time, and you’ll get lots of uses out of it.

CLASSIFICATION: Product is not classified as a dangerous material or preparation as defined in EC Directives 67/548/EEC or 1999/45/EC.

Emergency Overview: Inhalation of excessive amounts of dust from the product may cause mechanical irritation to the respiratory tract. Excessive dermal contact may cause mechanical irritation.

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