Beginner Course – Full


Pre-Requisites: None

For complete beginners with no prior strength or pole training.  The course is one hour a week for eight weeks. In the first 4 weeks you will learn:  Spins, Poses, Transitions, Floor work, and Climbing.

By weeks 4/5 is where you start to get noticeably stronger, and see subtle muscle tone changes.  So we up the anti by giving you more demanding spins and exercises, sitting (ON the pole!), standing and preparing you for inverting (going upside down). We aim to get you aerial by lesson 8 and we are yet to fail at this!

All classes start with a basic warm up and stretches, and end with cooling down stretches. Group classes are small, only 12 per class, and as our Chester classes are very popular, places go to the first people to pay for them.

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