Advanced Course – Full


Cost: £40 before week 1, and £40 again before week 4.

Or secure your place by paying in full for 8 weeks at £80.

Pre-Requisites: Beginner + Improver + Intermediate

Suitable for the Intermediate-Advanced students who are more serious about studying ‘The Art of Pole’.  The moves are increasingly difficult and require a more seasoned pole dancer to achieve them.  Again this is for one hour a week over eight weeks.

We start this course strengthening and polishing the bigger moves from Intermediate , and throw in lots of new, more challenging aerial tricks.

We work on lifting into your inverts gracefully, but more so on controlling your dismounts.  This puts a lot of strain on your muscles which is why you will find this level tough!

In these weeks we aim to perfect the shoulder mount and handspring, build a repertoire of aerial poses and be able to transition between them, building two, three and four trick ‘combo’s’.

This is where the journey starts to slow down, you may like to repeat this level many times as there will always be things to work on at this standard of polling!  Even if you do master everything we have thrown at you by now – we can always pull more goodies out of the bag!

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