Pole Dance DVD Reviews

Burlesque Beat

Who is it by?: ‘Mr Burlesque’ aka Rodney James Who is it for?:Anyone interested in learning the art of modern Burlesque Costs: Around £23 Buy at: Dance Fitness Institute Candy & Chrome Rating: ****  4 out of 5 stars Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous…no pole though

Pole Fitness with Denise Mulder, Basic & Advanced.

Who is it by?: Denise Mulder Who is it for?: Beginner to Intermediate students Costs: £10 each Buy at: Amazon Candy & Chrome Rating:    ***  3 out of 5 stars Would be great, if not for the language barrier.

Advanced Pole Work & Fire

Who is it by?:  Fawnia Mondey, Tammy Morris, Kelly Kane, Natasha Bird. Who is it for?:  Advanced students Costs:  £16 Buy at:  Isn’t she pretty Candy & Chrome Rating:  **** 4 Out of 5 Stars – FANTASTIC, but brief!

Pole Work

Who is it by?:  Fawnia Mondey Who is it for?:  Beginner building to Intermediate level students Costs: £6 new, £3 used. Buy at:  Amazon Candy & Chrome Rating:   *** 3 Out of 5 Stars – A Golden Oldie

The Vertical Dance Workout Box Set

Who is it by?:  KT Coates of Vertical Dance Who is it for?:  All levels of student. Volume 1 = Beginner & Intermediate Students Volume 2 = Intermediate & Advanced Students. Costs:  £15.99 each Buy At:  Vertical Dance Candy & Chrome Rating:  ***** 5 out of 5 stars ...

A Pole Lot of Fun

Who’s it by?: Pole Lot of Fun Enterprises.  Instructional demonstrations by Fawnia Mondey. Who’s it for?:  Absolute beginners, real women, the out of shape, starting from scratch. Costs:  £15 Buy at:   www.isntshepretty.co.uk Candy & Chrome Rating:   ** 2 out of 5 stars ...

Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101

Who is it by?:  Pantera….duh Who is it for?: Good question, pay attention….This DVD is for advanced pole students, serious pole enthusiasts and even instructors.  Not for beginners! Costs: Around $23 to $30  (£15-£19) Buy at: www.amazon.com Candy & Chrome Rating:  ***** 5 out ...
About Pole DVD’s – Read before you buy!

About Pole DVD’s – Read before you buy!

My First Rookie Pole Error… With so many quality DVD’s on the market I get a lot of students asking me which one they should buy. I remember the first DVD I boughtI had had about 2 lessons, bought a pole, set it up in the lounge and bought a DVD.  I was ready to

A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance Trilogy Box Set

Who is it by?:  Tracey Simmonds & Pleasure Poles Who is it for?: Varying levels of pole student, serious pole enthusiasts and Instructors. Beginner DVD = Beginner-Intermediate students. Intermediate DVD=Intermediate-Advanced Students & Material for instructors to improve the look of their ...