Exfoliating & Moisturising

By now you know …

That once you get past beginner level, more and more pole moves require lots of skin contact on the pole.  It’s not all about muscle, it’s about technique!

Learning the technique however, and being able to hold the poses on the pole depends on having GOOD bare skin contact.

Skin that’s too dry:

Equals crap grip.  Dry, chalky, under nourished skin just utterly fails to grip the pole.

Skin that’s too clammy:

Whether it’s because of sweat, products on the skin or over-moisturising also equals crap grip. Slippery slip slide n slop.
So how do we look after our skin without committing the cardinal sin of pole?

‘Thou shall not moisturise on day of pole’.

By looking after it in-between your pole sessions, by doing these three simple things … Continue reading “Exfoliating & Moisturising”

The 30 Day Squat Challenge

Whatever size you are … Killer legs and curvy butts.  That’s what we all want right?

It’s not that pole doesn’t work my whole body and keep me firm – IT DOES!  But like any form of fitness or dance – it only works if you’re consistently doing enough of it and although I love pole, I am not an ‘athlete’, I am a normal person – just like you … and just like you, I don’t train every day, or even as often as I should, I’ve done sweet FA over the Christmas holidays and now my butt has gone from perky and rounded to well … a bit flat and generally sad looking really. Continue reading “The 30 Day Squat Challenge”

Get A Griiiiip!

Extra Grip for slippery pole dancers!

In most cases, if you get slippery, sweaty hands when you pole, it’s something that gets better with time, especially when you have mastered the moves that at first made you panic and sweat.

That said, if you’re trying to learn a tricky move or you need to be on top form for a performance in a hot room, just wiping your hands down and keeping the pole clean might not be enough.

We have covered tips on how to prevent slips on the pole (you can see them HERE), but sometimes, you just need to CHEAT!  And reach for a grip aid!  But which is best?  Different ones do different jobs, and all are useful in different ways so it’s best to try and sample each if you can to find out what works best for you. Below is a quick guide of products you can try and how they work. Continue reading “Get A Griiiiip!”

Pole Products: Antiperspirants

For super sweaty hands & hyperhydrosis, we recommend first washing your hands and drying them thoroughly (sounds a bit obvious but easy to forget!), then maybe trying one of these products … Continue reading “Pole Products: Antiperspirants”

Pole Products: Grip Chalks

Chalk is used by climbers to help them stick to rock faces, but it’s also great for helping you stick to your pole. Climbing shops sell chalk in blocks, as balls and as a liquid.

Liquid chalk is the best for pole dancing as you won’t have any problems with dust. Just rub a little on your hands (or thighs) and allow it to dry before jumping back on your pole! Be careful not to use too much liquid chalk, or you’ll end up with unsightly white patches on your skin.  You can just buy any brand off ebay, but the ones we recommend are specifically designed for pole dance.  Continue reading “Pole Products: Grip Chalks”

Pole Products: More Grip Aids

Sports grip aids are traditionally designed for tennis players and golf players to help them grip the handles of their equipment of course – but there are some products in this market that have been an absolute godsend for pole dancers!

Of all the available brands, these have been tested the most by pole dancers and have been rated highly all round.

There are now of course some pole sport specific products available too, most of which using either beeswax or sugars as the main ‘magic’ ingredient, they are often found to be organic, all natural, great smelling, no residue products designed for pole dance. Continue reading “Pole Products: More Grip Aids”

Special Offer!!!

Buy now and get £10 off your course fee!!!

Since our last Beginner course of 2016 was a sell-out, we now have a waiting list for our first 2017 courses.

Well …. as a thank you for your patience – I am offering a £10 discount to anyone who buys NOW for the January Beginner courses.

Book & Pay in November & December 2016, and get your January 2017 course a little bit cheaper!

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2017 FREE Taster session dates added!

Got your new diary for 2017 yet?  Here’s your first event of the year …

And it’s FREEEEEE!!!!

Try it, you might like it!

This is just a one-off lesson and would suit anyone who is just curious and not quite ready to commit to a full course. It will give you a good idea about what is involved and what pole dancing is all about!

We hold a FREE taster session every month at our studio in Chester, to enable you to try before you buy.  Keep an eye on our calendar, or to keep informed about when we will hold our next free open day event, please join our mailing list.

Although we say FREE …. it sort of isn’t.

What we mean is, we DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR CASH for this session, but we WOULD LIKE PAYMENT, in the form of a donation.  You can choose to pay via bringing either:

A couple of cans of dog food
A tube of toothpaste
Some socks
A pair of gloves
A couple of packets of baby wipes
A beanie hat
Cupa soup
Tinned goods
A packet of tea
Or coffee
Or a bag of sugar
A bar of soap
A shower gel or shampoo
A toothbrush
A hair brush
An old blanket
A pillow
Or any warm clothes that you just don’t wear


The items collected from our FREE taster sessions are donated to Chester’s homeless city mission, or when we can, we will try to get out on the streets at night ourselves and hand out your goods to people who need them.

Thank You.

Gift Vouchers are available NOW!

Huzzah!  Just in time for Christmas ….

Gift vouchers are now available to buy for your pole-crazed lady friends!

We have kept it nice and simple – there are only TWO vouchers to choose from – The £40 voucher, which means that your girl is entitled to a place on ANY of our fabulous 4 week group courses – and she has all year to book a place – but booking in advance IS essential.

Or if you’re feeling flash – We also offer the £80 voucher which buys her a generous 8 week course of group pole lessons.


The £40 Voucher can be purchased HERE, and looks like this:




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Christmas sorted!

Why Pole Dance?

Why Pole Dance?

Good question. And one with lots of great answers. Here at Candy and Chrome we put the emphasis on fun. We aren’t here to train the next pole dancing world champion. We want to inspire women of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels to have and go, have fun, make friends and improve their fitness at the same time. But being as you asked, here are some of the benefits of pole dancing. Continue reading “Why Pole Dance?”