Grip Stuff

Get A Griiiiip!

Get A Griiiiip!

Extra Grip for slippery pole dancers! In most cases, if you get slippery, sweaty hands when you pole, it’s something that gets better with time, especially when you have mastered the moves that at first made you panic and sweat. That said, if you’re trying to learn a tricky move or you need ...
Pole Products:  Antiperspirants

Pole Products: Antiperspirants

For super sweaty hands & hyperhydrosis, we recommend first washing your hands and drying them thoroughly (sounds a bit obvious but easy to forget!), then maybe trying one of these products …
Pole Products:  Grip Chalks

Pole Products: Grip Chalks

Chalk is used by climbers to help them stick to rock faces, but it’s also great for helping you stick to your pole. Climbing shops sell chalk in blocks, as balls and as a liquid. Liquid chalk is the best for pole dancing as you won’t have any problems with dust. Just rub a little
Pole Products:  More Grip Aids

Pole Products: More Grip Aids

Sports grip aids are traditionally designed for tennis players and golf players to help them grip the handles of their equipment of course – but there are some products in this market that have been an absolute godsend for pole dancers! Of all the available brands, these have been tested the ...
Tips for Slips

Tips for Slips

Why am I sliding off the pole? You think it’s the pole that’s not ‘grippy’ enough all of a sudden?  Think again.  There’s a whole bunch of reasons this could be happening as it happens…. The Pole A little known fact is that the lovely and very thorough folk at ...