Your Health Journal

Ladies – Your body is AMAZING! It really is! Wobbly bits n all.
It’s a clever machine that can store muscle memory, nutrients, information, memories and all kinds of wonderful things.

But one thing the body does not store is – MOTIVATION! So it’s no surprise that those new year resolutions go a bit wayward after just a few short weeks.
Most people struggle with motivation, and that’s normal – especially when it comes to pole.   And we all hit plateau every once in a while as well (but I’ll save that chat for another time).

At Candy & Chrome we do have one weapon to help combat this and help keep you motivated, which is – Your Health Journal.

Your Health Journal is an incredibly simple thing. To start, all you have to do is go out and buy a book.
Each day, start filling it with ideas, recipes, things you’ve done, how you feel, your goals, track your progress, meal preps, gains, losses – literally ANYTHING!

For Pole…

Make every Tuesday your ‘Pole Page’, and notate things like:

What you learned that week
Coaching tips & technique
Which moves you nailed
Which moves need some work
How you feel after this class
What you want to achieve next
Draw stick men diagrams
Things to remember
Things to research
Youtube videos
Favorite poller’s

This little book will very quickly become your own personal training manual – your Pole Bible!
What you can learn in your pole classes is absolutely limitless, but you only really get to see the rewards (weight loss, muscle tone, strength, stamina, flexibility, confidence, new friends etc…) if you stick at it!
And to do that you need to stay motivated!

Bring it to class and show us yours!

For Diet…

Ok so unless you pole every single day, there will be a lot of empty pages – which we recommend you fill with your diet stuff!
Things like:

Meal Preps
Food diary
Calories burned or steps achieved this day
Days when you fell off the wagon
Top places to eat

For Health…

And of course when you write about your health, you can include absolutely everything else….

GP visit & notes
Supplement research
Other activities

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