The 30 Day Squat Challenge

Whatever size you are … Killer legs and curvy butts.  That’s what we all want right?

It’s not that pole doesn’t work my whole body and keep me firm – IT DOES!  But like any form of fitness or dance – it only works if you’re consistently doing enough of it and although I love pole, I am not an ‘athlete’, I am a normal person – just like you … and just like you, I don’t train every day, or even as often as I should, I’ve done sweet FA over the Christmas holidays and now my butt has gone from perky and rounded to well … a bit flat and generally sad looking really.

Plus being a natural lazy git, the idea of taking up other traditional fitness regimes does not turn me on in the slightest.

So I’ve been looking for something that’s easy to do, does not require special equipment or studio hire, monthly membership, or organising childcare etc …. and I’ve settled on the 30 day squat challenge.

We’ve tried this before, with the best of intentions and it looked a bit like this:

When you search for this image on the net now, it is followed with lots of heavy criticism stating how the 250 squats a day isn’t attainable for everyone and the number of squats featured is more for serious muscle endurance rather than starting with toning.  There’s also debate about whether you have to do it all in one sitting or not etc …

Times have changed however and they even have apps on your phone for this now.  I like these:

30 Day Squat Challenge by Jozic Productions

This app offers various levels of difficulty, so not only is it suitable for all, but if you wanted to start right at beginner level and progress through – these challenges will take you six months into the year, rather than just a quick stint in January!

It logs your activity daily, and won’t let you move on until you have completed each day’s exercises!

You complete various kinds of squat and the app includes full instructions on how to achieve each squat, tips on form etc…


There’s also a whole range of other challenges that you could opt to do alongside your squats challenge, depending on your own personal preferences.  But I think I’m going to give this one a go – WHO’S WITH ME?


For those of you still reading:

We’ve all heard of the benefits of ‘Kegal Exercises’, and since I would love to retain my ability to control my bladder well into my winter years, I will be customising this squat challenge a little bit, by adding in one very small, very personal piece of kit.

The idea is that during my squat exercises, I MUST HOLD ONTO MY EGG.

Once the sets are completed, I am allowed a treat at the end 😉

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