Moisturising … On the day of pole!

How very dare you!

You know the rules – No moisturising on the day of pole!  Or can we …. ?

For hundreds of years (ok maybe not hundreds, but as far back as I can remember) the cardinal sin of all things pole is moisturising your skin on the day of pole.

Moisturising body products like creams, oils, lotions, fake tan etc … leaves your skin coated in a film of producty goop, which makes YOU kinda slimy, meaning no grip, which transfers to the pole, meaning continuous cleaning of the damn pole instead of learning any actual pole, and it STILL causes a potential slippery death trap for the person after you!

So generally, moisturising on the day of pole is BANNED.

But of course, dry de-hydrated skin doesn’t grip well either.  Sigh.

There are a couple of pole specific products on the market:


Dew Point Pole

This is half moisturiser, half grip aid.  The good news is – if your have dry rhino hide for skin and not much of a sweater – then spritzing a mist of Dew Point pole will give your skin a fairly natural kind of deweyness.  However it does also have a slight tack to it, and to be fair, it sits on the surface of the skin so it’s not really any good for rehydrating your delicious dermals.



Pole Physique

And then, there’s this stuff.

Which to be fair I haven’t tried, but looks frikkin AMAZING!  But sadly, I just can’t warrant the £20 odd pound a bottle spend on a body moisturiser.


On to the high street products …

Fortunately there are two high street, reasonably priced, non-pole specialist brands of moisturisers out there which, after rigorous testing in pole schools up and down the country, have come out as ‘Pole Safe’.  They are:

The Body Shop Sorbet’s

Bit of a weird texture on this one, but never the less it does sink into the skin nicely, doesn’t seem to leave any layers of slimy goo on the surface (apply sparingly though mind), and comes in a full range of delicious scents.

You can buy it online or from any Body Shop store, making it easy to get hold of, and they are priced at a reasonable £8 a tube.

Vaseline Essential Moisture

It says it on the packaging and to be fair ….. it’s true.

Vaseline does deliver intense moisture, and joy of joys – without leaving heavy product residues on the skin.  It just sinks in.

Doesn’t come in fancy delicious flavours, but not everyone wants to smell like an exotic fruit anyway I suppose.

And it even more reasonably priced ranging from £2-£5 depending on where you buy it, because you can literally get it from anywhere – Superdrug, Boots, Tesco, Asda etc …

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