Exfoliating & Moisturising

By now you know …

That once you get past beginner level, more and more pole moves require lots of skin contact on the pole.  It’s not all about muscle, it’s about technique!

Learning the technique however, and being able to hold the poses on the pole depends on having GOOD bare skin contact.

Skin that’s too dry:

Equals crap grip.  Dry, chalky, under nourished skin just utterly fails to grip the pole.

Skin that’s too clammy:

Whether it’s because of sweat, products on the skin or over-moisturising also equals crap grip. Slippery slip slide n slop.
So how do we look after our skin without committing the cardinal sin of pole?

‘Thou shall not moisturise on day of pole’.

By looking after it in-between your pole sessions, by doing these three simple things …


Rule 1: Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is important for your whole body, but mostly for your biggest organ – your skin.

Dry, de-hydrated skin not only makes you look old, but it affects your pole grip too.

Rule 2: Exfoliate

One of my guilty pleasures in life is exfoliating my body.

Everybody has their own way of doing this – whether it be salt or sugar scrubs, loofas, chemical or mechanical means.

For fresh, glowing, supple – pole ready skin, it’s best to exfoliate once a week.  Any more than that could be over doing things.

I love to exfoliate in the bath, after spending some time melting in the warm water – the dead skin comes rolling off me in grey balls as I scrub.  It’s oh so ‘iiiieeewwww’ …. but oh so satisfying!

I use a combination of methods – a quick dry scrub beforehand, a body scrub, a loofah, exfoliating gloves, a pumice.  I alternate between products depending on which areas I’m scrubbing and what needs my skin has.

My feet always require the pumice stones scrub, and my legs also respond well to a harsh exfoliating method.  I save the scrubs and exfoliating gloves for the more sensitive bits!

Whatever method you use, try to avoid exfoliating on the day of pole – it’ll make your skin super sensitive and a lot of the harsh contact moves you’ll suddenly find way too ouchie to try!  So maybe exfoliate two days before?

Rule 3:  Moisturise!  (But not on the day of pole)

Following a good old full body scrub, I find that slathering myself in a different, gorgeous smelling product every other day is an absolute joy!

My skin isn’t so keen on heavy oil based products but absolutely loves to drink water based products.

Again, this is about keeping your skin hydrated, not product laiden – and NEVER on the day of pole.


The Complete Guide On How To Exfoliate Your Skin

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