This… had made a HUGE difference to my life!


RRP = £34.99
OUR PRICE = £24 (And this INCLUDES UK postage!)  BUY NOW


Today’s review is all about this amazing, if not a bit odd looking device – The Back Nodger!
OMG this thing is my latest obsession and has made a massive difference to my life!
(it’s not a sex toy either btw – but it might be as satisfying!).
Great for releasing stress tension in the neck & shoulders – whether you pole or not!
But if you do pole, the nodger will locate and destroy those naggy knots! (especially the ones that hide just under your shoulder blade!).
Get the ultimate ooohhh ahhhh feeling and claim your back back!

Ease Pole Pain…

After a decent sesh on the pole, and with me not exactly being a spring chicken any more, I seem to pick up new knots twice as fast, and take twice as long to recover than I used to.

Hell – even my knots have knots!  My poor gnarly back is left in BITS, and I spend the rest of my week hobbling around like a twisted little old lady.

I’d always recommend a decent sports massage therapist to fix this as the first option, but honestly, with the amount of gyp I get, I’d need a massage a day to feel human again!

So I bought myself this – absolutely out-fucking-standing gadget, and I fell that much in love with it, that I decided it deserved a little review on here for my girls and fellow pollers. So… may I present…


The Back Nodger!

So this thing has had rave reviews and promises XYZ yatta yatta, don’t they all?

But I’m thrilled to tell you that this thing really is the bee’s knees!  (yey pole pun!) And well worth a very reasonable £24 spend (You can now purchase one in our shop!).

It does exactly what it says on the packaging.

Using it is super easy, simply hook the arm over your shoulder, find a knot, then push – for the most surprising and instant relief!

Keep holding that, pushing slightly, throw in a little wiggle if you like (I mean wiggle the nodger, not yourself.  Ok well I’m sure it would still work if you really wanted to wiggle yourself too!), for deep release.

The Nodger is made out of high quality materials – so despite it’s potentially fragile appearance, it’s strong as fuck, and delivers the same amount of pressure as a massage therapist’s thumbs driving in, with minimal effort from you.

It’s not going to bend or break so feel free to go to town on yourself!

The best thing about this ergonomically sweet product though, is that it’s great for SELF maintenance.  You know your body, you can listen to it and decide how much pressure you need, pinpoint exact problem spots and decide for yourself how long to keep working on yourself to get the ultimate ‘OOOOOHHHHHH – AAAAAHHHHH’ feeling.


DON’T be tempted to buy a cheap knock off version – I can guarantee that they will be shit.

IT IS ADDICTIVE – Seriously, you’ll be taking it to work to use at your desk, on the bus or train, at the end of pole class, and just about every other opportunity you can get to use it!

If this sounds like your bag, then GREAT NEWS… We now sell these in our shop.


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