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Soooo ….. Suzie Q – I ‘found’ her by accident really, I was watching MPD Aus 08 – By then I already knew that Felix had won it but hadn’t seen the routine.  My TV remote was on the fritz and THANK GOD! Otherwise I would have skipped ahead and just watched that (oh the shame!) … So I watched the whole thing in one sitting. [quote float=”left”]Although I loved every single performance, Suzie Q had something special for me.  Her ‘Mission Impossible’ routine absolutely blew me away![/quote]Each performance has a strong theme, and all the shebang that goes with it – the music, the costume, the moves.  Her show-womanship is so believable, she made me feel like I was in her world every time.  So when I heard that she would be at LIW  here in the UK, I jumped at the chance to go and see her ….. and her pet skunk.

Miss Suzie Q

Suzie’s Achievements:

Perpetual runner up Miss Pole Dance Australia (2005, 2006 and 2008… “Sponsor’s Choice” in 2007)

The current Miss Pole Dance NSW

A Penthouse Pet

Miss Nude Australia 2008

Her specialties include pole dancing, aerial hoop (lira) and creating shows that take a unique perspective on modern striptease.  An international glamour model, Suzie Q is the Australian Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 2008. She was also the feature model in their “Spotlight on Minx” story in March 2008

Suzie has been featured in a Playboy calendar, the Australian Showgirls 2008 calendar, the Miss Nude Australia official 2008 calendar as well as her own “Suzie Q and Friends” 2008 Calendar. She was the cover and centerfold of the October 2007 Live to Ride Magazine and August winner of the 2006 “Ultimate Bombshell” competition (receiving a feature shoot in issue 11 of Platinum Girls Magazine).

Candy & Chrome’s Interview:

Tiny: Hi Suzie, lovely to meet you here in the UK!  Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions from me…….My first question to ask you is…..How old is Suzi Q?

Suzie: I am 26 yeas old…..That’s my REAL age!  People think that because I am an exotic dancer I am 30 something, they just add 5 years!

Tiny: You are originally conditioned as a personal trainer is that right?  So what made you want to learn pole dance and how did you start out?

Suzie: Well actually, I did pole first, I have been doing pole for about 5 or 6 years, but I have been stripping for over 10 years so that’s how I got into pole dancing really, I was born on stage so to speak……but then because I loved teaching pole dance and aerobics, I then went on to do a qualification and became a personal trainer as well, although I do prefer teaching a class over PT, because I get a different environment in class…I feel like a rock star in class! It’s like performing all over again, I love it!

Tiny:  How did you first get into exotic work?

Suzie Q

Suzie: Well, I started really young, when I was 17 and I have just been incredibly lucky, I have managed to float through the entire industry in a little bubble and dodged any bad stuff!
But I started it because it was a good way to pay off my degree, and save for my first apartment and I ended up doing showgirl work and feature shows and I just though ‘You know what? I really like this’, then I started teaching pole and thought ‘Hey…this could be a good career’, and I have loved it and I hope to keep working in this industry in some form forever.

Tiny: 17, that’s so YOUNG!  Were you quite a confident person to have been so brave at that age?

Suzie: I don’t know really, I jut think maybe I have NO shame! (giggles), and I have never had any issues with my body.  [quote float=”left”]That’s something I find challenging about class actually, so many girls come in and say they can’ take their track pants off, and I’m like ‘Oh my god we need to FIX that shit!’ and that’s the best part of my job, in that 8 weeks I finally get them in a pair of shorts![/quote]

Tiny: So you are the 2nd runner up for Miss Pole Dance Australia a few years running, and currently Miss Pole Dance NSW right?

Suzie: Yeah I have since like 2005 when it first started, so I’m kinda the longstanding Miss New South Wales for Miss Pole Dance Australia.

Tiny: How often were you training on the pole before the competitions?

Suzie: I’m maybe a little bit slack!  (Suzi giggles).  But I teach every day so that helps towards my training I find, but I go into it nice and easy really.

Tiny: And so what will your training regime be like for the next competition?

Suzie: Well, it’s actually two weeks after this (LIW 2009) so it’s almost as soon as I get back, so this is it!

Tiny: Whoa!

Suzie: Yeah I know! But Annie (Norris) is making me do the splits every day, so we are all helping each other out because Annie and Sally Ann (Giles) both also have competitions coming up too, so we are all jamming and helping each other out with routines, I also spent some time with Pole Dance Paris last week too so I have been picking up new things from them too.

Tiny: So is that what you will do differently this year?

Suzie: Yeah I am busy picking up tips internationally, but I am always looking to be different and this year will be the same, to do something different and unique.

Tiny: So being successful in all your previous heats leading up to the competitions, what would you say makes a worthy performance?

Suzie: Same thing really, I think that’s the only reason I have had the success that I have is because err….I don’t have amazing skills on the pole, compared to other dancers across Australia, my tricks aren’t quite up to their level, but what I try and do is do whatever I’m doing in a slightly unique way, so that I stand out a bit from everybody else and this year I’m gonna try to do that again.  I’m running out of ideas though….it’s really hard!

Suzie Q

Tiny: An on that, for the people that haven’t seen you perform before, what would you say IS unique about your dancing style?  What really does it for you and makes you stand out?

[quote float=”left”]I would tell people that it’s not really about WHAT you do on the pole or how hard your tricks are, it’s more about HOW you do it, you gotta do it all in your own way, your own style.[/quote] I think that’s a lot more beautiful to watch than someone who is trying to bust out a ‘Felix’ move and not quite getting it.  I think there are a lot of people coming into pole with different backgrounds now like ballet or acro, and they are starting to use their experience and fusing it with pole and coming up with their own unique style too.  But I have my own style and my own way of doing things so that’s unique to me.

Tiny: As soon as you are on the pole, you are recognisable, this is unique to you but do you have any tips you can share with us to help us improve the quality of our pole work overall?

Suzie: Do as many things as possible….like you never know, you might take a hip hop class and be able to take something away from that and be able to put it into pole, don’t try and imitate anyone else, that’s really easy to say but very difficult to do!
But finding your own way and your own style makes your style superior from what anyone else does.
[quote float=”left”]I think a lot of people only look to the best pole dancers for inspiration, they never look at a good contemporary dancer, or belly dancer, so mix it up but POINT YOUR TOES![/quote]

Tiny: Your performances always seem to have a certain theme about them….whatever you chose to do you seem to just get it right every time!  What’s your secret?

Suzie: I get my ideas from anywhere, it could just have been something someone says, and so talking to lots of different people helps….one of my ideas once actually came from my Dad! So you never know where a great idea is gonna come from.
Also, for the 2008 competition I chose to have a character for the competition because I really wanted there to be a kind of story for that one.

Tiny: Year I noticed you had a sort of mission impossible theme!  It was great, very energetic and fun….. Where did that come from?

Suzie: Yeah, Mission Impossible was about having a story and a character, and a diamond!  That was actually my grandparent’s!  They lent me that for the show; my family help me out a lot!  This year I will be mixing it up again and going a bit girly.

Tiny: Are your costumes custom made for you?  Or do you buy them in from somewhere?  The Aussies all have the best costumes!

Suzie: The Mission Impossible one was made especially for me, the doll costume I used the year before I made out of one of my Mum’s old Bra’s like the week before!  But it’s taken me 10 years to stack up the amount that I have now!  It is really hard though because essentially you need a hot pants and bra, for Mission Impossible I said to my costume designer I need a full body cat suit thing, but just in a bra and hot pants set!  We got there in the end!

Tiny: Will we see more of that in the next one?

Suzie: Yes! Definitely, there is some good costumage going on but I can’t give too much away…

Tiny: So who is YOUR pole inspiration?

Suzie: Everyone, absolutely everyone….I learn something from every student I teach, to every pole school I visit, from any competition I go to whether it be amateur or professional.

Tiny: Got any favourites?

Suzie: Do you know what….the chick who won the amateur pole dance competition last week, I had a smile on my face from the moment she stepped out t the moment she left – Jessica her name was, and THAT’S what it’s about, it’s about entertaining, so anyone who can entertain me, make me smile, make me laugh, THOSE are the people that inspire me because I then want to make people feel the same when I perform.

Tiny: So let’s talk about your moves, there’s one that you do in the 2008 competition that I LOVE, where you walk on your hands from one pole to the other!  Where did that come from?

Suzie: Oh I have always just been able to do that, ironically though, when I was doing gymnastics when I was really young, I wasn’t very good at handstands at first, actually I was really crap at them!, but as soon as I quit gymnastics I just started doing them again and found that I could hold them and walk and allsorts!

Tiny: That’s something I’d like to try, have you got any tips for me? I mean I have a very arched back which is bad….

[quote float=”left”]Yeah when people do handstands on the pole I see a lot of arched backs and tummies resting on the pole and I just wanna go and fix them! Getting your handstand form right is important.[/quote]

Tiny: Right! So to try and get them stronger recently I have been holding them with my hands placed directly under my shoulders, lock my arms straight and spread my fingers a bit….is that right?

Suzie: That’s exactly right, so you’re already half way there, so we will take a look at that later and have a go at balancing and walking and stuff.

Tiny:  Cool, thank you very much!  So….. Are you now working on any new moves?

Suzie: Yes…..obviously I’m not the most flexible or strongest person out there, so I’m working on getting a unique take on existing moves, but there will be a couple of things that I’ll be busting out at Miss Pole Dance, but knowing my luck I’ll do it and be like ‘Yeah I’ve been working really hard’ and like 3 other people will be doing it!  Great! (Suzi giggles).

Tiny: What can you tell us about your school in Australia?  I really hope to come and visit you there one day soon when I go to Australia myself if I may!

Suzie: Well you will HAVE TO come and have a class, it’s a beautiful studio in Paramatta, NSW, its got mirrors everywhere and lush carpet and its all pink!
I have 18 poles; they are all 38mm poles, brass spinning ones too! [quote float=”left”]They are the easiest poles to work on, when I come over here I feel like a Koala on a tree pole dancing![/quote] But I am having one 50mm static pole just for girls to try, coz they have never been on a static pole!

Tiny: Yes, I have to say, the Aussies have always had a very famous look about their performances I think, because you all use the spinning poles a lot over there.

Suzie: Yeah I used to hate them, I remember Bobbi telling me they are great but I told her I would be on a static pole forever! Now I love it though!  You can get a whole different look to it, you don’t have to work too hard just sort of waggle our legs about a bit and it looks like you’re ding these amazing moves!  (Suzie giggles)

Tiny: What do you think the future holds for Suzi? Miss Suzi Q interview

Suzie: Well, my boyfriend has started doing pole, so I would like to start doing doubles with him, male and female doubles, he and I already do some double trapeze and some acro as well, so we would just like to put those skills on a pole and see what happens there.

Tiny: So do you have all that equipment set up in your studio?

Suzi: Oh we have another studio, this one is more of a flying trapeze school though, so we swap classes and students and things…sometimes I take my teachers down there for some hardcore circus conditioning which kills them! But it’s all good for them!

Tiny: What do you think will happen with pole dance in general in the future?

Suzie: It seems to be going two ways, there’s the ‘We want to get pole dancing into the Olympics’  way which I fully support, where they will only dance in bare feet or sneakers and plain black pants and bust out tricks which is great and I love it but I don’t follow it totally because it’s just not my style, I’m very much about the performance side of things, so for me I think it would be sad to completely loose the performance and entertainment element of pole.  Hopefully there’s room for both within future competitions.

Tiny: I think there are a lot of poller’s having a hard time embracing the exotic side of it because as soon a you say exotic dance, people are filled with images of girls pretending to masturbate and think that’s what it’s about, when really they can’t see it as a performing art.

Suzie: I think that’s because not that many people have that much interaction with it in their lives except maybe visiting a strip club once or through the media, and the media like to paint a very grim picture of it all, and portray a very negative and cynical view.
[quote float=”left”]Obviously I am an exotic dancer and proud to be and I have been for 10 years, but I don’t think that anything I have ever done on stage has ever been slutty, or dirty.[/quote]but unfortunately unless I talk to every single person in the world, and change their opinion I have got a bit of a mission on hand to change the stigma around my industry.

Tiny: Well, my last question is will there be a Suzi DVD?

Suzie: Erm I have thought about it and I would like to do some sort of pole fitness DVD, so it’s like put on the DVD and we do a workout on the pole together, it wouldn’t really be a tricks one because there are some amazing ones out there already like the Jamilla ones, so why would I do something like that when it’s already available? So I would like to do a more workout style one.

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