Pantera Blacksmith…

The Infamous Trickster

I first heard of Pantera waaaaaay back in early 2006, not long after I got my very first pole (an X-Pole of course), when I was only a beginner pole dancer!

My giddy mate came dashing over to my house waving ‘Pole tricks 101’  in her hand, and with the pole set up n’ ready in my living room we had the DVD on in seconds!  At first, I was wildly confused.  I remember saying: [quote float=”left”]Nah mate, this isn’t quite what we were after; this is more like for circus people!.[/quote] But of course, like a car wreck….I couldn’t look away!  Eyes glued to the screen, dumbstruck expressions and open swung gobs, the three of sat and watched this amazing woman with superhero strength lash herself around the pole with lightening speed and pin-point precision.  We were mesmerised as Pantera lay flat on the ceiling and laughed in the face of gravity!

We all went to bed that night, changed for life!  How did she do it?  Man I didn’t even know half that stuff was even possible!  Who is she?  Where did she come from?  This was a few years ago so if she was that good then…. what will she do next??!!  I didn’t know ANYTHING about her.  Today, my questions were answered, she invented the ‘Death Lay’, and I can tell you….her name is…..


Pantera Blacksmith

Pantera BlacksmithPantera’s Stats:

Height – 5ft2”

Weight – 125lbs / 8st13lbs

Age – Let’s say late 20’s.

School or Club– Pantera’s Pole World is my school, but I dance in a club called the Noc Noc.

Location – Seattle, USA.

Signature move – ‘The Pantera’

Splits? Or no Splits? – It’s pretty safe to say I can do the splits I think!

Best friggin song in the world to Pole Dance to – I couldn’t pick just one!


Pantera’s Achievements:

2 0 0 0 – 2 0 0 1:
“Showgirl Of The Year” finalist &
National “P’olympics” finalist
Featured in Showgirls Magazine

2 0 0 3:
National “Pole Antics” champion
Star of “Pole Tricks 101”
“Oregon’s Best Tattooed Dancer”
“Miss Ink n’ Pink” champion
Exotic Magazine Covergirl
“Miss SFX”- best pole tricks
Hyper-extended & fractured dominate arm
Completed Commercial Dive training

2 0 0 4:

Guest Judge at “Showgirl Of The Year”

2 0 0 5:
“Pol-A-Palooza” finalist
“Miss Pole Dance” World – 3rd Place

2 0 0 6:
PPW is born
Feature Performer in Costa Rica
Pantera’s Raw Training Camp – UK
Sunset Strip Champion
Exotic Underground Covergirl
Guest Judge at UK Pole Competion

2 0 0 7:
Exotic Underground “Covergirl Of The Year”
Promoter & Headliner at “Hysteria – Rock ‘n Roll Exotic Cabaret”
Guest appearance at the Frisky Kitty…thanks Honey!
Headliner at “Miss Pole Dance Canada”
Headliner at “Showgirl Of The Year”
“Tempest Burlesque” – guest performer
Guest performances at Déjà Vu’s Fetish Night

Candy & Chrome’s Interview

Pantera Blacksmith

Tiny:  Hi P, thanks for having me over.  My first question to you is……..How did you find pole dance or did it find you?

Pantera:  Well at first I started stripping in clubs when I was younger and it started from there.  Some of the clubs had poles which the dancers would use so I tried it and became more practised at it.

Tiny: So would you say you are mostly self taught then?

Pantera: Yeah I’d say that.

Tiny:  And how old were you then?

Pantera:  18 years old then.

Tiny:  So how did you progress?

Pantera: There really wasn’t anything around back then, like no course of learning so I had to pick it all up myself, and then I just kept doing it and doing it to help myself get bigger and stronger at it.

Tiny:  Weren’t there other girls there working on the pole that you could pick up moves from?

[quote float=”left”]No, they were more interested shimmying around the pole or strutting and no so much making a show out of it or trying any tricks or spins.[/quote] Pantera: But when I went to my first international competition it was a real eye opener for me, I started to work harder at it and learn how to use the pole better after that.

Tiny:  Where do you get your inspiration from for your performances?

Pantera:  When I’m performing?  I’m very much at home when I’m on the pole, I’m in the zone, in my own place, so if I ever look into the crowd and smile it’s a rarity as I’m too into what I’m doing, so it’s my deal, my show – all me.  But when I’m relaxed and at my club back home and there are regulars there I can be a bit more goofball and have more fun with it.  But either way, naturally I’m just a show off really!  I like to make a show out of my performance.

Tiny: So how did you think and feel about pole dance back then?  Was it just a job? Or a hobby?

Pantera:  It was just something fun.  Performing on stage was just the best part of pole dance for me.  People get so stuck just doing the same kinda thing over and over again, so boring, they forget how good it is and how much fun they can have with it.  That’s how I ended up getting out of the titty bars, I wanted to make it fun again and do real shows and performances and stuff because I love to do that!

Tiny: So you’re in pretty good shape I noticed!  What training regimes do you have?  Do you do anything specific to improve your pole dancing?

Pantera:  Right now I’m not training at all as I’m touring and having some fun but usually I would train for 6 days a week in a gym doing weights on quads and hams, chest abs and back, lats and shoulders…… like that.  I don’t really do too much cardio though, I’m not too great at it, I’ve got about 6 minutes in me and that’s all ya get! And I just do that as a warm up.  I don’t really like to run too much either, there’s no desire or motivation at all to do that like there is with pole dance for me.  Plus I’m actually quitting smoking so I guess my cardio levels will be stronger after that.

I like to swim though, I’m a trained diver too and an underwater instructor so I guess we don’t swim exactly, but we walk on the bottom under water.

Tiny:  Can you describe your dancing style in one sentence?

Pantera:  MINE!  Oh wait, that’s not a full sentence, ok errr….. ALL MINE? Ok seriously erh…. Different I think.  Half the time I really don’t know what’s going to happen it depends on the music too, usually I start out just a little bit slow but then suddenly out of like nowhere I’ll explode…..BAM! Into some crazy move and you can tell when I’m really into it coz I start really pumping it up until the point when my forearms are on fire! Although I’m not messing around out there, everything is controlled but I try to make it really powerful.

Tiny:  I know you have fallen on some unlucky times recently and I just wanted to ask you just briefly what happened?

Pantera:  Well… burnt down!  I just woke up and my wall was on fire.  I managed to get out but everything is gone, everything I ever owned.  But I’m ok, and I’ve got my kitties back.

Tiny:  I’m really glad coz I just don’t think that the pole world would be the same without you in it.

Pantera:  Naaahhhh, no way.

Tiny:  No really, very often I’ll have a new girl ask me ‘So who’s Pantera’? Or ‘Have you ever seen this Pantera bird’?

Pantera: Really?  (P has a wildly surprised look on her face)

Tiny: Yeah it’s not just the girls that have been around a while; even the newbie’s ask me about Pole tricks 101 and stuff.

[quote float=”left”]Oh yeah that video was crazy, like the first trick was how to just do the splits on the pole!!??  Like oh yeah it’s that easy, this is your first trick….woooooh![/quote] It wasn’t really well planned as a beginner video really, the producer just said ‘do whatever you want’ and I had no idea what sort of level I was at then so I just did my favourite tricks back then and they turned out to be pretty advance stuff.  It was an 8 hour recording that one as we kept having to do it over and over again.

Tiny: So my next question is…..will there ever be a Pole tricks 102?

Pantera:  Probably not.  If there is it will be something totally different, but I have no plans right now to do another.

Tiny:  The industry has been changing quite a lot over the past year or two, what are your thoughts on pole dancing fitness?


Pantera:  Yeah I pole dance for fun.  All of the craziness and debate as to what it should or shouldn’t be I don’t care about.  Just not interested.  A lot of people are arguing about this but I honestly like all of it, I like that it’s sensual, and I like that it’s good for your fitness levels, but mostly I like it coz it’s really fun and THAT’S WHY a lot of people really get into it.  It’s becoming so regulated now, everyone wants things to be done their way but honestly….who cares?  Let’s just have fun!

I think that if more people had fun with it and were teaching for fun, then the more people will have a better experience of it.  As soon as you have to follow guidelines it takes some of the fun out of it….you can’t really stamp guidelines on it anyway because everyone is different.

Tiny:  It tends to happen when something becomes very popular very quickly do you think?

Pantera: Well pole dance has been popular forever but the only way to shake off the ‘Taboo’ about it is by making regulations and making guidelines but ….. I don’t really like that.

Tiny:  What are your favourite moves?

Pantera: The cartwheel, I can do it both ways now!

(Sonia, who was sharing the lesson with me) suddenly emerges from the background and yells ‘Can you show us’!!! As giddy as I have ever seen her!  P obliges energetically and whips herself around in a full cartwheel first on the right arm, then on the left).

 [quote float=”left”]You have to practice everything both ways!  There’s a tip for you.[/quote] Tiny:  Do you have any favourite dancers at the moment?

Pantera:  (Giggling) MEEEEE!!!! And Deb (Riley) I love Deb.  Seriously, I don’t like to watch other people too much to tell you the truth coz I don’t wanna steal what they do or pick up any of their style because I think that’s when I’ll loose my own style, that’s what makes ME unique so I’d rather progress on my own.

But I do like watching the live shows and seeing performances and how they interact with the crowd and that kinda stuff.

Tiny:  What competitions have you entered or won?

Pantera:  I only entered one big one, The National USA Competition in 2003.  I tend to not win competitions because of the way I look I think.

Tiny:  Is that tattoo related do you think?

Pantera:  Yes, definitely tattoo related.  From a business point of view I’m not very marketable with all of my tattoo coverage, unfortunately tattoo is still too ‘Taboo’, it’s too awkward and makes me look very edgy, Or angry I dunno but people don’t want to use that on the cover of a magazine.

Tiny:  I friggin would!  Well, I mean one day I hope.

Pantera:(laughing)  I think most of the time because of the way I am – not really interacting with the crowd when I perform and stuff and having the tattoos, and because I’m strong like a motherf***er, people don’t want to use this bodybuilder, hard-ass biker looking bitch on anything yunno.

Tiny:  So what are your future plans now then?

Pantera:  Crazy!  Erm…since the fire n everything I have so many options, it’s so crazy right now.  I think I might like to travel for a bit, the Far East looks good, well that’s one idea.  I did have plans, a lot of plans but everything that I had planned is now tits up so it’s hard to say what I’ll do next!  For now, I just wanna plan each day at a time and not plan 5 years ahead or 10 years ahead.

Tiny:  So the world is Pantera’s oyster right now then huh?  Ok, and my last question then is do you have any hint’s or tips that you want to share with everyone?

[quote float=”left”]SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN.  You will be using your muscles more and be forcing them to work harder.  Keep everything controlled as possible and not just ‘lucky landings’.  AND POINT YOUR TOES!![/quote]

Pantera’s house was destroyed in a devastating fire at the time and she lost everything she owned.  I am amazed that she has still taken the time to continue with her UK tour as planned so as not to let any of her fans down, she truly is a very generous and very brave lady.


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