The Vertical Dance Workout Box Set

11Who is it by?:  KT Coates of Vertical Dance

Who is it for?:  All levels of student.

Volume 1 = Beginner & Intermediate Students

Volume 2 = Intermediate & Advanced Students.

Costs:  £15.99 each

Buy At:  Vertical Dance

Candy & Chrome Rating:  *****

5 out of 5 stars – Excellent and Professionally made, a safe purchase.

The Review


Before the warm up starts there is an intro section which to be fair is very thorough but I can see it boring the pants off most beginners.  Most people who have just bought a pole DVD are desperate to open it and get it on, SOME manage to resist the temptation to skip straight to the pole bit, but I can imagine many probably don’t care about the science of warming up or learning about synovial fluids beforehand.

The Tips Section

This is well worth a look as the points illustrated in this section are tips that usually only an instructor would point out to you personally – it is all too common to try the first trick you see on a DVD and not see where the proper hand placement may be, or understand why your spins are short and stubby for example.  This section also explains how common ‘beginner’s errors’ affect your technique, and how to avoid them.

The Warm Up

Aerobic exercise routine:  The warm up starts with some mobility moves, marching, shoulder circles, heel digs, wrist circles, hip circles, it’s very simple, very effective and very easy to follow.  Now we walk around the pole, switching directions, step touches, double step touches, then it gently flows back into the mobility sequence again.  Repeat one more time.  It’s a very clinical, uncomplicated and rhythmical routine and any level of pole student should be able to follow it.

Pre-Pole Stretches:  Are full thorough and very efficient.  It covers the whole body but focuses on the muscles being used in the workout.  But why does nobody ever include the Soleus stretch?  As an added extra, KT, Kat and AJ perform a brachialis stretch, which I’ve not seen before but thinking about it is incredibly helpful – I have heard of many dancers that feel ‘twinges’ in this area after they have been pole dancing for a while and perhaps this could help towards preventing those injuries.

Splits Training

Volume 2:  In Volume 2, Vertical Dance offer some splits training stretches and advice to help intermediate students begin learning to perform the splits.

Transitional Moves

Volume 1:  The Walk, The Static Walk, The Step Around Walk, Kicks, Hip Circles, Figure 8’s, Body Wave, Pole Squat, Pole Push, Pole Circles, Pirouette, Easy Up, Spin Up.


Volume 1:  B Hook, Ballerina, 2 Handed Crab, Crab.

Spins & Tricks

Volume 1:  Cross Legged Fireman, Fireman Push Up, Closed Front Hook, Open Front Hook, Back Hook, The Swinging Back Hook, Jumping Back Hook, Front Hook To Back Hook, The Attitude, The Attitude Kick, The Basic Chair, Reverse Grab, Carousel, Boomerang, Bouncing Boomerang, Side Spin, Side Spin Extension, Corkscrew, Arm Attitude, Cradle, The Tuck Spin, Pole Seat, Thigh Hold, Basic Invert, Inverted Crucifix.

Volume 2:Revisits the Basic Invert, Various Dismounts, Inverted Thigh Hold, Air Invert, Caterpillar, Spinning Caterpillar, Reverse Caterpillar, Handstands, Inverted V, Helicopter, Helicopter Hook, Gemini, Scorpio, Hip Hold, Cross Knee Release, Cross Ankle Release, Basic Bow and Arrow, Advanced Bow and Arrow, Pencil, Basic Shoulder Mount, Shoulder Mount Split, Super Shoulder Mount, Superman, Spinning Superman, Superman into Figurehead, Floor Diva, Diva, Pole Splits, Basic Butterfly, Cradle Butterfly, Butterfly, Extended Butterfly, Straight Edge, Straight Edge Split, Straight Edge Hook, Hand Spring, Handspring Split, Jack Knife, Knee Hold, The Electric KT, Flag.


Volume 2:  In Volume 2 KT shows us various climbing techniques including:  Seated climb, Basic climb, Spinning Climb.

Muscle Strength & Endurance

Usually, at the end of an aerobic exercise programme there is a muscle strength and endurance exercise section.  This isn’t terribly necessary in pole as the best way you can build your muscles for pole is to POLE! But for reference, This DVD does include some exercises for you to follow on and off the pole, covering the major muscle groups.

Cool Down Stretches

This section includes very efficient cool down stretches for the whole body.

Overall Comments

KT shows her experience as a fitness instructor through her very clear demonstrations from multiple views.  The movement she demonstrates is clinical and precise, making it easier for the viewer to follow her.

For more information about KT, you can read our exclusive interview with her HERE.

The two DVD’s perfectly cover what I would call the national ‘Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced’ standard.  It eases you in gently with the first few spins and transitions that many of the British pole dancer’s first learnt when they started out at the beginning of the pole dance fitness awareness age.  The tricks and spins chosen are generally what is currently being taught in most UK pole schools as standard, so any student looking for a second reference to use at home when not in the presence and direction of their instructor – THIS DVD series is for you.  Most of the moves you will recognise, and although some are advanced, none are too out of reach or for contortionists only.  This DVD series stops at the advanced student level and does not intimidate people with it’s difficulty levels – which is nice to see.

 The two other’s present in the beginner level DVD are AJ of the  Pole FX school, and Kat of the Pole Love School.  Some instructual DVD’s chose to feature students – to show a real class environment, but Vertical Dance has chosen to use two instructors – I think this works in their favour as Kat and AJ perform the moves very accurately and look very symmetrical next to KT so no one’s view is thrown off balance by varying confidence levels, however you do get to see two very different dancers performing the same clean moves.  AJ’s figure 8’s are stupendous by the way – I hope you all catch that.

I found that the music which included lyrics clashed with the voice over and blagged my ears a bit, but I only found this during one section of the first DVD.

At the end of the DVD’s, Vertical Dance give you tips on designing your own routines and developing your own dancing style, improvising and combo’s to try.

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