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pole dance dvd reviewWho is it by?:  Fawnia Mondey

Who is it for?:  Beginner building to Intermediate level students

Costs: £6 new, £3 used.

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Candy & Chrome Rating:   ***

3 Out of 5 Stars – A Golden Oldie

The Review

Warm Up

Hmmmm, ok so the warm up is pretty basic, jogging on the spot for 5 mins. Fawnia then quickly runs through a series of basic pre-pole stretches, again these are pretty simple, easy to perform stretches and seem to take no time at all, so if you’re planning on a long session with lots of complicated moves, I would look at doing a more thorough warm up and do a lot more stretching beforehand.

Spins & Pole Tricks

This DVD includes:  The Fireman, One Handed Fireman, Sunwheel, Sitting Around Pole (Seated Lady), Sitting Around Pole Variations (inc a Boomerang), Back Hook (Front Hook), Crouch Spin (Orbit), Handstand (Handspring), Upside Down Spin (Chopper variation), Upside Down Spin Variations (Chopper), Backwards Handstand (Reverse Mount), Splits on Pole, Three Step Sunwheel, Scissors (Exploding V), Frozen Standing Move & Variations (the Straight Down, Mermaid, Static V, Static Sunwheel, Static Orbit, Static Straight Legged Orbit, Back V), Climbing the pole, Sitting on the pole, Hanging in Mid Air.


In this DVD Fawnia demonstrates how to transition out of moves as she teaches the spin.  We see various twirls into a finishing pose, a Backarch, a Backslide, Bodywaves and she is just generally a natural mover and nice to watch.

Overall Comments

Ok so this DVD is another oldie, it’s right around the same era as Pole Tricks 101 when nobody really knew what they were doing, pole dance instruction for fitness was very new and pole dance instruction DVD’s were cutting edge!  So it’s nowhere near that standard of a lot of the other more modern pole DVD’s we have now, but Fawnia Mondey is a vertran, making her a very experienced pole dance teacher and is still highly respected in the industry today.  Any pole dancers of my generation pr older may well remember learning from this very DVD at the beginning.

Fawnia’s instruction is generally very clear and simply put, making the moves relatively easy to follow, although towards the end of the DVD they do bring in another dancer to demonstrate, and the instruction seems to dwindle whilst she performs.

Even if you have already nailed the Fireman yonks ago, I would still recommend watching this DVD as Fawnia has a unique look to all of her spins and incorporates a lot of speed, power and control which is useful to see.  She is not a feather light ballerina of a pole dancer, as a female body builder how could she be?!  So she has a very interesting strong style to her dancing, and although flexible she is not a contortionist either, which makes her moves ‘attainable’ with practise!  Despite being a strong and powerful mover, how she gets out of her moves is always so very polished and pretty.

Formerly winner of several ‘Miss Nude’ competitions, and well established in the exotic dance industry, Fawnia also has a stripper-esque dancing style, but with an energetic twist, which I think students wanting to work on their dancing style might find a useful starting block.

One thing I didn’t think was appropriate was the addition of  a handspring!  I wouldn’t recommend going into the handspring this early after learning a fireman!  That’s a trick students are probably more likely to learn a lot later on and I found it a bit random to see it in there amongst some basic beginner spins.

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