Pole Fitness with Denise Mulder, Basic & Advanced.

pole dance dvd reviewWho is it by?:

Denise Mulder

Who is it for?: Beginner to Intermediate students

Costs: £10 each

Buy at: Amazon

Candy & Chrome Rating:    ***  3 out of 5 stars

Would be great, if not for the language barrier.

The Review

Warm Up

Ok this whole DVD is in Dutch so it’s obviously going to cause issues for most, however the instruction and physical demonstrations are very strong so it’s not a complete loss.

Denise shows a bit of originality by choosing her famous ‘GoGo Aerobics’ for warming up – and as an extra section at the end.  From what I can make out on these DVD’s she has hired a friend, a professional GoGo dancing coach to perform a warm up routine to start off with.  You gotta love this guy, he is so enthusiastic and energetic in his movements.  Verbally, there’ not much you need to know – links means left, Rechts means right, Upp is… well, up!

The routine is very fun but personally I would find it a nightmear to follow as I am not super co-ordinated naturally, and they whizz through each new move with very few reps so it would probably take me (and Beginner level students) a lot of practise to follow this right!  Never the less, the warm up is very energetic and fully immobilises all the body’s joints, ready for exercise, it’s very efficient.  The stretches seem to be limited to just legs though really, so if you are using this DVD warm up, don’t forget to throw in some arm stretches too.

Basic Moves

Basic DVD Only: Denise uses this section to demonstrate some basic ‘filler’ moves for transitions and routines, such as hip sways, head rolls (which surprisingly DO take practise before they look right, so this is useful), hip rolls, stand ups etc.

Pole Techniken

Basic DVD: Includes: Kneecurve (Front Hook), Stretched Kneecurve (Wheelspin), Fireman, Accelerated Fireman (Leaning outwards mid-spin for more speed), Supported Knee Turn (Goddess spin, Side Spin), Flamenco (Sunwheel), Basic Kate (Carousel), Flashdance (Back Hook), Rapid Falshdance (Flying Back Hook), Polesteps (The Dip), Playgirl (Orbit, Cradle), Playboy (Orbit Variation), Helicopter (Exploding V), Vertical Break (Inverted Crucifix).

Advanced DVD: Flying Free (Candy Cane Corkscrew), Swan (Back Hand Grab), Rapid Swan (variation), Split (Static V), Split Back Support, Split & Turn (Boomerang), Seated Split (Wrist Seat), Hangover (Cross Ankle Release), Spilts On Pole, The Monkey (Step Up Spin), Sitting In Pole (Seated Lady/Chair), Stretched Legs (variation), Backslide, Upright Stand, Cliffhanger (Scorpio), Pole Handstand (Split grip released), Take Five (Pole Seat Variation), Supported Handstand.


Basic DVD:

Pole Workout:At the end of the Pole Techniken section on each DVD, Denise then shows us how we can use all the spins she has taught throughout this DVD in an improvised routine.

GoGo Aerobics: Back to our GoGo dancing Guru, he breaks each hand full of dance moves down for you to copy, and combines them into a routine for you to follow.  Again this is going to be tricky for those who struggle with co-ordination, but it looks like good fun anyway!

Pole Praktijk: Uniquely, Denise allows us to be a ‘fly on the wall’ inside one of her classes at the end of the DVD.

Cool Down

The GoGo guy demonstrates a series of exercises designed to cool the body down, lost of swishing arms make it a pleasant and relaxing cool down routine, combined with stretches.

Overall Comments

All demonstrations are show at normal speed first time, then super slow mo, then full speed again with another student or two trying the same move.

All moves are performed very cleanly, and are very visually easy on the eye, making this a good purchase – even with the language barrier.  I wouldn’t recommend it to students that aren’t already taking professional lessons as it would be a bit difficult to follow, but having done some beginner level classes, and being able to recognise the moves, this would make a good supplementary DVD.

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