Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101

pole tricks 101 dvdWho is it by?:  Pantera….duh

Who is it for?: Good question, pay attention….This DVD is for advanced pole students, serious pole enthusiasts and even instructors.  Not for beginners!

Costs: Around $23 to $30  (£15-£19)

Buy at:

Candy & Chrome Rating:  *****

5 out of 5 stars – Just because!

The Review

Ok this review is going to be structured a little differently to the others, for no other reason than this is the first DVD I bought and it is my all time fave ever.

You have to appreciate that this DVD was one of a small hand full only available in the beginning.  Pole dance DVD’s have kind of exploded SINCE this one but there were not too many before it, and even if there were, this one was the most famous.  Pantera breaks ALL THE RULES with this ‘product’ and despite the fact that it’ s a bit mickey mouse by today’s standards of pole DVD’s it will ALWAYS be one of the best. Pantera is famous the World over for her advanced tricks and ability on the pole and this DVD is no exception.  I have banged on about it throughout this website and I will continue to show it y everlasting favoritism and complete bias.  Here is a bunch of random reasons why:

*The music is like cheesy porn music, but you can’t NOT love it!

*Pantera, as a presenter is covered in tattoos, naked in some parts and best part of naked in the rest, teaches in the most ridiculously sky scraper high heels and just generally shows no fear or pussy footing around!

*The showreel performance takes place in a strip club

*She lies flat on the ceiling for Christ’s sake!

*The voice over is a cheesy American DUDE

*There is NO warm up or stretches or cool down….there just isn’t any….Nada….Zippo

*They can’t spell GYMNASTICS, or VERTICAL

*The ACTUAL recommended dance-wear is ‘A bikini or less’

*It was made with a ‘Let’s take a stab at this’ approach

*At the time, NOBODY in their right mind could pull off these tricks, except Pantera.

The DVD is divided into Mounts, Climbs, Spins and Poses.  There is no warm up, pre-stretches, cool down, Transitional moves, or floorwork to speak of, but again at the time, nobody wanted to learn this stuff, it was made without a specific market in mind, or the practises you see in pole classes and other instructional DVD’s today.  Pole dance in general has developed a whole lot since it was made and Pantera herself even said that her producers didn’t really have a plan and told her to just do what she wanted – Pantera genuinely had no idea what sort of level her ability was at so they just hit the record button and went for it!

The DVD is styled the same way throughout, Pantera shows you the starting position and the frame freezes as the cheesy American Dude explains what she is doing with her hands, there are some big belting red arrows on the screen pointing to the area of focus so you can clearly see what is being described.  The frame resumes and they then focus on Pantera’s feet in the same way.  Finally, they show you the trick again in one shot.

Pantera’s demonstrations are very strong, she can hold difficult static poses for extra long amounts of time and has impeccable control, this makes her instruction easy to follow and you can clearly see how to get into each move which is why it is an excellent supplementary DVD.


In this section Pantera covers three pole mounts – The Vertical Mount (Step up onto pole), The Shoulder Mount, The Reverse Mount (From handstand).


In this section, Pantera covers three climbs.  The Vertical Climb (Basic climb), Side Stepping Climb, Reverse Climb (the Caterpillar).

Transitions (From Climbs)

Pantera demonstrates three advanced, mid pole combo’s.  The Backside Hand to Vertical Leg Hold ( lift up from the cross ankle release position), Vertical to Inverted (an air shoulder mount!), From Inverted to Vertical (Crucifix to straight edge, to brass monkey, to a pull up, to a seat).


Included are:  The Split Heel (spinning vertical splits on pole), Split Spin (Boomerang), Hip Spin (Chopper), Spin n Snap (from a 1 handed handstand), Swivel Hips (hip circles whilst in a boomerang, mid pole), The Jezerbelle (a Spinning Shoulder Mount).


Included are:  The Backslide Hand (cross ankle release), the Bow & Arrow, the Straight Edge, the Knees, the Brass Monkey, the Angel (splits on the pole, mid pole), the Arm Hook (the teddy), the One Hander (1 handed handstand), the Gemini, the Aysha.

Other Comments

There are other reviews of this DVD available via this link –

Amazon Customer Reviews:

‘This DVD offers some advanced moves that neither Pole Katz or A Pole Lot of Fun are prepared to teach. In this respect, Poletricks 101 is for the more advanced. The instruction is very clear and the instructors themselves are energetic and passionate. A quality production.’

‘I’m surprised this is called POLE TRICKS 101 because the majority of tricks are very advanced. She’s quite the amazing pole dancer, though I find her a bit scary with those body tattoos, pierced nipples and platform stilettos. This is definitely not your pole dance as exercise DVD. (I would recommend the very thorough KT Coates 2 DVD’s. Still, Pantera is a pole phenomenon and I admire her athleticism.
I like the red arrows that show you where to apply pressure to the pole but the shots are often cropped too close and you miss important details. Other key pieces of info are also missing (such as how to get into an advanced pose before an even more advanced pose). And she doesn’t cover transitions at all. Maybe we’re to assume that’ll be covered in POLE TRICKS 201? If there is one, I don’t think I’ll buy it. ‘

‘If your a real pole lover this ones for you. Pantera is awsome!! She takes it to the next level,so you might wanna STRETCH really good before watching!! Beginners may want to wait on this one!’

‘This is a wonderful DVD if you are looking to learn tricks that are absolutely stunning. Moves are more advanced and require pre-existing knowledge of what you are doing on the pole. Even though there are a lot of advanced moves, even someone with intermediate experience can take a little something from Pantera. Lots of wonderful moves to aspire to-after all, practice makes perfect!’

‘I have been pole dancing for several years and perform many feature shows as a result. I bought this DVD because I was told that it was good for advanced pole dancers and thought it might give me something new to try.

The overall tricks are impressive and unique. But I have to admit that they do not always show you the most graceful or easiest way to get into position or carry out a move.

My two biggest issues with this DVD is that…
1. The camera is often focused dead center of the pole. There are MANY tricks that you can not see her feet or her complete grip. This annoyed me to no end. I can not understand how such a crucial issue could have been overlooked! You almost have to just guess where her feet are at times. So it makes trying to follow the instructions rather difficult.

2. They do not show ANY dismounts. They show you how to get into the tricks but they do not show you how to safely get out of them! Many of the tricks that are being shown on this video can not be dismounted in the same way they were mounted. I suppose they just expect the viewer to hang there and try to figure it out for themselves. ???

I would also like to add that the performance footage that they show at the beginning and end of the video are performed on a spinning pole, yet the instructional breakdowns are performed on a stationary pole. Holding your position and the amount of momentum needed to work on a spinning pole is COMPLETELY different then that of a stationary. They should have completely avoided any footage of the spinning pole as those tricks will not look the same on a stationary one.

All in all…it is always entertaining to see Pantera on the pole. So if you are a fan, definitely buy this DVD. But if you are looking to actually learn and perform these tricks for yourself….find another DVD or get a private teacher! Pole tricks 101 is not worth the money.’

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