First addition to the DVD Review section…

Yey!  I finally got around to doing the first DVD review for our ‘Pole Dance DVD Review’ section!

After years of collecting pole dance DVD’s I have accumulated a bundle – oh I still have a way to go but the pole DVD library is coming along nicely.  With so many quality DVD’s on the market I get a lot of students asking me which one they should buy.  Well….. How long is a piece of string?

I remember the first DVD I bought…… I had had about 2 lessons, bought a pole, set it up in the lounge and bought a DVD.  I was ready to GO!  So I put it on….. Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101!!

If you have seen it already or know anything about it, you’re probably rolling on the floor laughing at me right now.

This DVD was one of about 3 available at the time and I had heard it was the best.  Jesus Christ…..I was SOOOOO not prepared for what I was about to see.

Oh yeah, Pole Tricks 101 was one of the best in the day and I think it still is…..but it is DEFINATELY not for beginners!  One of the ‘easier’ moves on there is an Aysha for example!

I quickly realised that my plan was about to fall flat on it’s arse and so I saught out lessons.

Candy & Chrome as a result STRICTLY recommend the use of pole dance instructional DVD’s as a supplement to your class lessons ONLY.  You may think you are doing it on the cheap by getting a pole and a DVD but believe me, no matter how good the DVD is or how professional and safe the presenter is, a DVD WILL NOT tell you where you are going wrong, a DVD WILL NOT catch you if you fall, a DVD CANNOT spot you, or explain in a different way if you’re not getting it, if you mis interperet a move shown on a DVD – you could injure yourself for life!.  It can’t even tell you if you are doing it right!

So, lessons – wether they are with Candy & Chrome or any other shcool are DEFINATELY needed, and DVD’s should be used purely as a supplement to your learning only.  If you pick the right one, you CAN learn how to clean up your posture from a DVD, you CAN learn different techniques, you CAN learn different variations of the same moves you learn in class, you CAN pick up new dance moves, you CAN practise a routine demonstrated, you CAN learn and develop your styling through DVD.

All of this is pretty useful stuff and can only make you a better pole dancer, so we thought we would root through my DVD library and write thorough, honest, constructive reviews on each of them so that if you decide you would like to buy one, you can come here first, read what it’s all about and make an informed choice – instead of a bone-head blunder like I did!

We are happy to present our very first review – ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance’ – By Tracey Simmonds and Pleasure Poles.  Just click HERE and we’ll take you right to it.  ENJOY!

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