Advanced Pole Work & Fire

Who is it by?:  Fawnia Mondey, Tammy Morris, Kelly Kane, Natasha Bird.

Who is it for?:  Advanced students

Costs:  £16

Buy at:  Isn’t she pretty

Candy & Chrome Rating:  ****

4 Out of 5 Stars – FANTASTIC, but brief!

The Review

This DVD is laid out a little differently from the normal format.  There is no warm up or stretches, instead – at the start Fawnia introduces herself and explains a few things about the DVD, which features some of the world’s most famous pole dancers of the time – Tammy Morris and Kelly Kane.  Also, this DVD includes some impressive extras which you wouldn’t normally expect to find on any other pole dance instruction DVD, which for me was an eye opener.

Due to the layout I will have to stray from the usual format and just review as I find.

The DVD is split into sections as demonstrated by each instructor.  Tammy Morris demonstrates wonderous flexibility and strength in this DVD, whereas Kelly Kane demonstrates core strength and gymnastic ability.  The moves on this DVD would suit an advanced level student, although because of the supreme quality of the instructors abilities, it would also suit instructors wanting to perfect their form.

Tammy Morris

Tricks include:  Hands Free Handstand (Iguana), Upside Down Pole Slide (Shoulder Mount), Upside Down Pole Contortion (Scorpio into Gemini), Handstand Pole Contortion (Cross Knee release into contorted handstand).

Kelly Kane

Tricks Include:  Handstand Variations (Advanced handstand positions from handspring – Jacknife, Jacknife into drop splits, handspring split, handspring mermaid legs, splits on pole from handspring), Multiple Handspring Combo’s, Fan Legs, 360 Degree Fan Legs, Candy Cane Corkscrew, Bodywave (mid pole), Monkey Drop, Flagpole.

Kelly also proceeds to demonstrate some impressive combos of the above moves.


This DVD uniquely offers us a look at Poi work, including fire Poi, as demonstrated by Natasha Bird.  I know diddley squat about Poi work so I can’t comment too much about this extra section, but it looks very cool and I can see a lot of people being interested in this.  Natasha shows us some basic Poi moves to practise and this would suit an absolute beginner in Poi.


Tammy and Kelly both show us a series of contortion moves to try – A Backward Arch, Extended Backwards Splits, One Arm Plank, Back Spin, Looking Through Legs.

Overall Comments

Instruction very brief so this DVD is for someone with a fair amount of pre-move knowledge and pole ability as the pole tricks are visited very quickly!  Also, the pole sections of the DVD are quite brief because of this.

The voice over lady has the strongest lisp I have heard in a long while which for me is really glaringly obvious on my ears.

The contortion section is amazing but it mostly scares me.  However it MUST be a useful skill to learn in pole as the girls performing are world renownd for their pole ability and flexi moves, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them and the quality of their movement is something to aspire to – for that reason, this DVD is a high ranker in my collection.

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