A Pole Lot of Fun

pole dance dvd reviewWho’s it by?: Pole Lot of Fun Enterprises.  Instructional demonstrations by Fawnia Mondey.

Who’s it for?:  Absolute beginners, real women, the out of shape, starting from scratch.

Costs:  £15

Buy at:   www.isntshepretty.co.uk

Candy & Chrome Rating:   **

2 out of 5 stars – Does what it says on the tin, but you won’t learn much.

The Review

Warm Up

The warm up starts with marching and jogging on the spot, which isn’t terribly imaginative but being as it is set in someone’s living room, this is fine if you have limited space.  Followed by that are arm circles, hip circles, ankle rotations, neck bends, arm stretches, shoulder stretch, quad stretch, hams stretch and that’s pretty much it.  I have to be honest in saying I’m not impressed by that so far, no where near thorough enough for a pole work out.  ALTHOUGH, the moves performed on this DVD are super basic and very UN strenuous and the risk of injury must be relatively low and therfore the warm up might be adiquate.

Transitional Moves

The Walk, The Pirouette, The Dip, The Backslide, Rollover to Crawl, Standing from Crawl, The Bodywave, Still Spin, The Back Arch.


The Fireman.

Cool Down




Overall Comments

This DVD is clearly aimed at those students that are very unsure about trying out pole dance as a form of fitness.  The student is ultra normal, cocks up plenty like a REAL student would, doesn’t get moves right away, even the simple ones.  This would suit the older lady, those who are out of shape and unconfident or of limited movement and co-ordination.

Pole dance fitness can be quite indimidating to many ‘normal’ women as it is often marketed by super fit, super glamerous babes!  So, what I DO like about this DVD is that it undoubtedly PROVES that ANYONE can try pole dance, no matter how clumbersome, out of shape or un graceful you are – everyone has to start somewhere and this DVD could be the first step towards building your confidence to try more adventurous pole tricks and spins.  The finished routine at the end performed by the student is actually a joy to watch as you can see some very definate progression as her confidence builds up and she executes the moves gracefully and with ease.

Instruction is very clearly demonstrated and the  descriptions are very well broken down and simply put.

I have a feeling this DVD probably does well because it is presented by Fawnia Mondey, who – not that you can tell from this DVD, is a very experienced, talented and world class pole dancer.  Fawnia has instructional DVD’s of her own which are very competant and highly regarded, her experience in instructing pole for film is shown in this DVD.


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