I Am New – What Do I Do?

We get it.   You’re new, and you haven’t got a clue.

You don’t know what to wear, what to bring, where to park, how to act, or what to say – and that’s O.K.

The good new is:  All you’ve really got to do is turn up and get stuck in.  Honestly that’s it.  But just in case you have those ‘New Girl Niggles’ – here’s a very brief little list of the top things we get asked about by total newbs all the time, and our responses.

What To Do – If You’re New…


PACK a little gym bag the night before and put it in the car.

DON’T wear moisturiser on your body (face is ok)

WEAR whatever you’d normally wear to the gym … for now

LEAVE all jewellery at home – Better left at home than left in class!

TAKE any medications before class, or bring them with you if necessary

IF YOU bruise like a peach, take your Arnica tablets now!

LEAVE early – city centre traffic can be a paaaiiin!

PARK for free HERE

DO the warm up – it’s important

LISTEN to any instruction given

DON’T talk over your instructor – it’s rude all round

DON’T do anything stupid

DO do stupid things! (safely and within reason)

DON’T hog the pole

DO be supportive – encourage, spot and have banter with your pole buddies

DON’T hold stuff in – if you feel you need to tell us something, please do

DON’T play the ‘I can’t do it’ card – YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!

DO have a crack at everything, even if you think you have no chance – you might be surprised!

TRUST us – we’re professionals!

ENJOY your class – it’s meant to be FUN!


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