If you know anything about Pole Grip products…

You’ll have heard of ‘Dry Hands’ before!

Dry hands is an American product that has basically been the holy grail of hand grips for the past 15 or so years in the pole industry, despite the fact that it was a produced for the sport of golf, it is the go-to product of the pole world.

Until Brexit…

In the last few years, due to the ‘Brexit Effect’ with the decreasing value of the £1, increase in production costs, distribution costs, shipping, customs, taxes etc…etc… it’s become increasingly difficult for little studios to stock the golden product at a reasonable price.

Thankfully, the British ‘Will not be beaten’ attitude has well and truly kicked in, with several companies trying their hand at making a worthy opponent that we can actually afford!

I’m not saying that people are trying to make a direct rip-off, just that NOT using Dry Hands as the benchmark would be a bit silly. I’ve tried a few products, and nobody’s got it quite right yet.

However XDry is the closest product on the British market that I’ve found so far, that can honestly rival the miraculous Dry Hands.

Produced by one of the most important names in pole, the boffins at X-Pole UK describe it as ‘The ultimate sport enhancement product designed to give you complete control’.

Yeh but…

Is It Any Good?

XDry comes in a lightweight gel formula, meaning it lasts longer and heightens your control’.

This is true. We tested it in class, lashing students with varying levels of sweaty handed-ness and we found that it definitely does the job, and the need for re-application was minimal.

The non-sticky silicone-based gel works as an antiperspirant reducing sweat as well as increasing grip’.

Also true. The product starts out more like a gel than a liquid chalk, it’s fairly thick too, which means that you do need to use less of it, but it dries to a soft powder like form, with a small amount of transferable residue.

Incredibly fast acting, apply an appropriate amount, rub your hands together and in less than 20 seconds, you are ready!

Again true, XDry works FAST! And works well with other products too.

‘The ultimate sport enhancement product designed to give you complete control’.

Ok, I’m not 100% behind this one because it IS a little thicker than what we are used to and some folk aren’t too into that.

The bottle has a lovely slender little nozzle to stop you from dumping a ridiculous amount onto the hand by accident, but because the product is quite thick, we found it got clogged pretty easily which was annoying.

Also, as you get to the last quarter of your bottle, it tends to dry out we found.

Overall, we are thrilled to have a UK produced, Pole specific grip product that we CAN get hold of fairly easily, is fairly priced and is AS GOOD as our long time fave.

Nice one X-Pole 🙂

We now keep it in stock as one of our ‘must have’ products.

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