Product Review: PoleGrip by Pole Amor

And up pops another UK Pole grip producer!

In response to the ‘Brexit Effect’ on imported pole products these past two years, we have seen several British companies roll up their sleeves and start to PRODUCE. And this is great, coz nobody stands up with intent and says ‘Riiiiiight….’ quite like the British when faced with a challenge.

Not everybody ‘makes it’ though, and one or two companies have released products that haven’t quite managed to replace the almighty American golf product ‘Dry Hands’ that we all know and love.

Until Now…

A VERY short while ago, I reviewed a new product launched by X-Pole who had come up with something that I believed was the closest thing we currently have to Dry Hands. And what a bloody great product it is too! I really like XDry.

But here we are, with another new one, produced by underdog ‘Pole Amor UK’ and their new product, aptly named and trademarked as ‘PoleGrip’.

A bold move, and we do love a try-er in this industry BUT have they got what it takes to take on the big boys? Have we got yet another great British grip?

In a word… YES!

PoleGrip by Pole Amor UK is another winner!

The packaging is… meh. I’m sorry Pole Amor but the label is a bit naff and a re-design would be most beneficial, however it is in the early stages right now, and we don’t all have the same budget to throw at a test product, so it’s ok to NOT be perfect right now.

BUT do NOT let the label speak for the quality of this grip, it becomes clear pretty quickly where the money has been spent and it was not on the packaging, it’s been fully invested in the product.

PoleGrip packs a mighty punch and in my humble opinion is another great alternative for the beloved Dry Hands.

It is thinner than XDry, and as such it is quite easy to absolutely jizz through if you’re not careful, and because it is so delightfully close to our favorite grip of all time, one could get very carried away with the usage.

Luckily, I don’t get too affected by loss of grip so one to two applications in a two hour stint was enough for me, but I do genuinely feel like I could load up on this stuff several times an hour and still have great grip delivery, without a product build up problem.

With this new product on the market, I can honestly say that if you’re looking for something new, something British made and you’re trying to make up your mind about which one to get – GET BOTH DARLING!

Both are flipping excellent, I’m sure one will work better on some occasions (Summer V’s winter, hormonal V’s non-hormonal skin etc…) and that would be a completely personal choice, but I’m thrilled to say that both products are fantastic, but different from each other, and both are AS GOOD as the American stuff. AND THANK F*CK, we don’t need to choose between the two!

I will be stocking both products, and trying them together to see if they play nicely as a Great British Hybrid Supergrip!

Since one of them is an antiperspirant AND grip aid, and the other hailed as a pure grip aid, I’m pretty hopeful that the two together will have us all hanging with confidence, no matter how sweaty the Betty.

2 thoughts on “Product Review: PoleGrip by Pole Amor

  1. Just found this after doing some research on the internet and thank you so much for your comments 🙂 Love your honest and straight forward approach to this too. Yes we are a small company, very much the under dogs lol but yes we still keep trying, 2 years in fact to get this product right! As always, made, tried and tested by polers for polers.

    Hope you like the new logo/label? Always good to get other peoples comments and thoughts. We have a new grip out very similar to Dew Point, again made due to trouble getting hold of and the dollar rate etc. This is getting some great feedback too and orders are now starting to come in.


    1. Hi Sue,

      I quite regularly get new grips in to try with my students and this one came up as a favourite so I shall be ordering some for the studio!
      Also very interested in trying the new product too – sounds interesting!
      Thrilled to find out that my comments have been taken on board and even actioned! What a lovely surprise! And yes – the new label is definitely an improvement – keep up the good work!

      Hope to speak to you soon,

      Amy 😀

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