Pole Products: More Grip Aids

Sports grip aids are traditionally designed for tennis players and golf players to help them grip the handles of their equipment of course – but there are some products in this market that have been an absolute godsend for pole dancers!

Of all the available brands, these have been tested the most by pole dancers and have been rated highly all round.

There are now of course some pole sport specific products available too, most of which using either beeswax or sugars as the main ‘magic’ ingredient, they are often found to be organic, all natural, great smelling, no residue products designed for pole dance.

Dry Hands

Ok, I’m totally biased. THIS is my grip aid of choice and is supported by the professional pole champions of our time. I regularly have this in class for you to try.

*Recommended product & stocked in our SHOP*

Dry hands is a performance enhancing solution that alleviates grip problems caused by perspiration or rain. So effective, it actually repels water. Feel the difference with DRY HANDS, the most natural & comfortable grip available in sports today. Candy & Chrome highly recommends this product which is why we sell it, it is the most popular grip aid with students in class.

The advantage to DRY HANDS is that it is not sticky or greasy. And since it leaves no powdery mess, you won’t even realise you have it on. Best of all, it’s long lasting and economical so you can concentrate on your pole work!

Clean and dry hands prior to application. Dispense a small amount into the palm (just 2 drops will do) and spread evenly across the surface. Allow to air dry for approximately 15 seconds.

iTac 2

Fly around and stick to your pole like a bee!

This handy pot of organic Australian beeswax can be applied direct to your hands or any other part of your body to improve your grip on the pole.

Recommended by champions, iTac won’t transfer to your clothes or leave white marks.

Itac2 repels water, it’s not tacky and can be used on any part of the body – use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

Beeswax is a natural product which has been used in cosmetics and skin care for centuries and will condition your skin leaving your hands feeling soft, plus it is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.


Dew Point Pole

There are some products available now that are specifically for the body and NOT hands.  This is great because most people tend to have clammy or sweaty hands that need a drying agent like all of the ones above, or something to help them stick.  But what if your skin is TOO DRY.  The cardinal sin of pole is to moisturise, but of course if you are dry on the legs or arms, you’ll loose precious grip!

Dew Point Pole is a body product that naturally moisturises your skin while increasing your grip on the pole.

With this revolutionary new moisturiser you no longer have to choose between dry skin OR the pole… you can have it all!  However it does feel a little weird on your skin at first.  Dew point is So light you won’t know it’s there, but you’ll definitely know when it’s not!

* Oil free
* Not Tacky, Greasy or Chalky
* Moisturizes without being slippery
* A grip agent that is actually good for your skin
* Available in Light, Medium and Ultra
* Perfect for pole dancing, silks, aerial hoop and more!

Gorilla Gold

Originally designed for Golf players, Gorilla Gold is a sticky towel impregnated with bees wax.

Squeeze the cloth to get your desired tackiness, or just rub it on your hands, thighs and arms. Use it lightly for a little extra grip, squeeze harder for more stickiness.
Gorilla Gold repels moisture and won’t leave any marks on your clothing. It’s designed to dissolve quickly from your hands so it shouldn’t leave any residue on your skin. On the other hand, you’ll probably need to use the towel several times during a long pole session.
Some people find that the residue it leaves on the pole can become quite abrasive on their skin, so do make sure you clean your pole regularly. The towel comes in a resealable bag and should last you 3-6 weeks.


Stickum is apparently ‘The new Surgrip’, according to old school Surgrip fans, however I think it’s evil.

Stickum is an adhesive spray to be directly applied to the palms of the hands or on any surface to increase grip. The spray works by forming a tacky surface on the area which increases grip and a resistance to sliding. Only one application is required each time and if, after application, grip begins to deteriorate simply rinse hands with water to restore full stickiness. It’s also useful in conditions when skin can become either wet or greasy and is also available as a powder.

BUT it is a pole killer, it will come off on the pole and is very difficult to remove again. This caused a lot of problems in pole competitions and has now been banned from most.


That said … I’ve just noticed (but never tried) This ….

Stickum now comes in a powder form for athletes!

The product description sounds like it’s a thermo plastic, and therefore should work in the same way as our favoured Mighty Grip.  Interestiiiiinggg …..

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