Pole Products: Grip Chalks

Chalk is used by climbers to help them stick to rock faces, but it’s also great for helping you stick to your pole. Climbing shops sell chalk in blocks, as balls and as a liquid.

Liquid chalk is the best for pole dancing as you won’t have any problems with dust. Just rub a little on your hands (or thighs) and allow it to dry before jumping back on your pole! Be careful not to use too much liquid chalk, or you’ll end up with unsightly white patches on your skin.  You can just buy any brand off ebay, but the ones we recommend are specifically designed for pole dance. 

Girlie Grip

*Recommended product & stocked in our SHOP*

Girlie Grip is the newest Pole Grip Solution to hit the industry in years.
A few drops are all you need for a firm, confident, long lasting non-slip grip.
You can stick a trick and still spin easily without re-applying.
Apply it to the pole or your body, wherever a firmer, stronger grip is needed.
Girlie Grip has a light fresh scent.
It’s non-drying, leaves no residue, and washes off with soap and water.
Girlie Grip is for Pole Dance, Pole Fitness and Pole Sport.
It can also be used for many sports where a firm, strong, confident non-slip grip is needed, including Golf, Gymnastics, Weight Lighting, Rock Climbing, Bowling and Rowing.


Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk is great for pole dancing as you do not have any problems with dust. Just rub a little on your hands (or thighs) allow a few seconds for it to dry before jumping back on your pole! It’s as simple as that.

Although, we find that this product leaves a very obvious, thick, chalky residue on hands, pole and clothes after a couple of applications.






Mighty Grip

It looks like chalk dust but is actually a thermoplastic. Rub a little on your hands to block sweat. You don’t need to use much, and one application should last a lot longer than chalk. It works very well on a hot, humid summer day AND on cold, dry days. You can use it on your legs or arms too if you like, however it does leave a bit of residue on the pole and clothing, so bear that in mind.






Platinum Grip

Manufactured by Platinum Stages who also make dance poles, this is a very similar product to the Mighty Grip one above.

In class tests, we found that it does the same job, only it is less drying – so it’s better suited for colder days. Dry hands are good for the pole, but too dry can leave you with no grip at all, we found this product to be a little more forgiving.





Stickum Grip

When we exercise our body temperature rises, causing sweat to form on our hands reducing grip. Reduced grip on equipment can be dangerous. Stickum powder is activated by the warmth of your hands causing it to become tacky to improve your grip. The Stickum powder absorbs moisture from your hands, and in addition the adhesives gives you grip. increasing grip. Requiring only one application each time.

If the grip starts to deteriorate, just rinse hands with water to restore stickiness. To remove Mueller Stickum Grip Powder we recommend using Mueller Tape & Tuffner Remover.

Mueller Stickum powder helps keep hands dry and improve grip. Great for any activity that requires improved grip. Stickum Powder can also  improve sports equipment handles, just dust handles for instant effect. Warmth of hand activates tackiness. Stickum Grip Powder is endorsed by the pros and athletes at all levels.



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