Christmas Pole Playlist

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I’ll be honest, this isn’t my best work…

But have you ever tried to find and Christmas themed tracks that you could dance to, I mean really try and dance to with your serious dance face on, that aren’t cheesy, make you want to puke, festive but somewhat cool? Or just aren’t pure sh*t even?

It’s a damn near impossible job isn’t it?  But I’ve done my best and this will forever be a work in progress but …

We present … The Candy & Chrome Christmas playlist …


Smoke Fairies – Snowglobe Blizzard
Steviie Wonder & Keanu – Jingle Bells
Arion – Carols of the Bells
Traitors – Lonely this Christmas (Only available on our Spotify Playlist)
Patrick Reza – Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Joan Osborne – What do bad girls get?
Mrs Claus – F*ck Me Santa (Only available on our Spotify Playlist)
Helix – Sock it to me Santa
ACDC – Mistress for Christmas
Deejay Nic the Band – Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Rockstep 
Meiko – Maybe next year

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