10 Motivational Tips

To Keep Your ‘PoleJo’ Flowing

Pole is for life, not just for January!
I know that when you make your new year resolutions, you really do mean it.  I believe you.  You genuinely have the best of intentions.
But you’d be a superfreak if you naturally just kept them all for the whole year without hiccup.
The human body DOES NOT store motivation, so don’t dwell when you fall off the wagon – that’s inevitable and the odds are never in your favour when it comes to staying motivated by yourself.
That only way you fail is if you give up when you’re on a downer. It’s easy done.

So how to beat it? STAY MOTIVATED! Sounds simple enough but actually THAT’S the hardest part of all.
I’m no expert at this either, however I do have at least 10 good tips that could help you…


1) Get a pole gym bag & keep it in the car

Ok let’s start with something as simple as this!
Treat pole (or chosen activity) as if it were an already permenant part of your life!
You’re not just trying it out, or blagging your way through – you have made a commitment to yourself, and you are dedicated to making it work!  So let’s kit you out like you mean it!
Get a cute little gym bag and fill it with all your pole essentials.  Keep it in the car so you’re never without it!
Have a look at our ‘What’s in your Pole Kit?’ blog for ideas.


2) Grab a pole buddy

All you need is one crazy friend who’s up for anything, and game for a laugh!
She will be there to pick you up when your having a crap day, so long as you do the same for her.
Pick a good pole buddy for twice as much fun and double your chances of success.


3) Start a Health Journal

A simple but very effective weapon!
Visit our blog to get started – ‘Your Health Journal’.


4) Take on a new small challenge each month

There are loads of other activities that you can do to compliment your pole training, try Yoga, or climbing, kettlebell exercise is also good!  Mix it up and find something you enjoy!

You can pole now, that’s your superpower – you can pretty much do anything!


5) Recite or practise a daily mantra

Another simple but effective tip. Mine this year is that every single day, I must do at least one of each of these three things in order to achieve my goals:

1) Do something to improve my health
This could be simply remembering to take my vitamins or drink enough water! But other things are to eat well, meal prep, exercise, or do absolutely nothing for a little while.
2) Do something to improve my wealth
Like staying on top of my admin workload for one thing!
3) Do something that makes me happy
Because this is just as important as the rest.



6) Pick a cheerleader to send your triumphs to

Reporting back to someone who’s cheering in your corner for you can really help.
Send a text, or even just a picture of your trainers every once in a while. Screen shot your activity tracker, or just tell your mate whenever you hit a personal best!
Celebrate with her and of course make her green with envy over your awesome pole class pics!


7) Buy a pole

If you have the apropriate space for it, then there’s no better way to stay on top of your pole goals than to practise practise practise in the comfort of your own home, on your very own pole.
You can even buy one from us!
We will help out with the delivery bit too, so that you can just collect your pole next time you come to class instead of spending the dy in waiting for it.


8) Get lots of little changes on autopilot – slowly add more each month

Rome was not built in a day.
Make 2-3 small changes each month, and get those things running on your personal ‘auto pilot’.
It could start with just waking up and drinking a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon each day as part of your new daily routine.
(The benefits of doing this are incredible by the way!).
Once you’ve got a couple of month’s worth of little changes under your belt, you can then add some medium sized changes like incorporating 20 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of meditating each day.



9) Buy yourself somethin’ pretty!

And finally … my personal fave!
Every time you smash your monthly goals – buy yourself a cute outfit, or some awesome pole wear.
A girl can never have too many stripper heels either.


10) If things don’t go to plan – f*ck it – it’s ok

You are going to fall off the wagon every now and then.
Sometimes you’ll be able to push through it, and other times you won’t – and that’s OK!
Just wake the next day and write it off, fill in your health journal, repeat your mantra, prep the day’s meals and get back on track!

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