Tiny is schooled with a Masterclass by…..PANTERA!

th_n544951972_1175926_14992Oh yes….How cool is it that not only do I get to meet my Pole Idol, but I actually get to learn from her in person!?


I travelled to the lovely Deb Riley’s studio in Stoke for an hour’s session not knowing what to expect. After a vigorous warm up (Thanks Deb), we got cracking. Let me tell you, I have never felt so pathetic. P was incredible – she demonstrated every move I wanted to learn in super-slo-mo, holding every impossible trick for ages so I could see exactly what I needed to do. The girl has so much strength it was unreal! I felt like such a weed.

We worked on some things that I have been trying to get right for ages, P showed me the bits where I was going wrong and most of which would need continuous work and require more strength but…. I’ll get there. I didn’t nail any of the moves we worked on in class that day (hence why I felt all pathetic) and I didn’t expect to…… But to my amazement after only 1 week of training following P’s instructions – I busted it! I have a few more left to work on, but I feel pretty confident that given time, and if I stick to Yoda’s training, I’ll achieve them.

Whilst we were there, we (Sonia, Paul and I) took a few pictures and had a quick interview with P. The write up is in the December issue of Pole2Pole Magazine if you would like to read about her.


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