Pole Passport (AAP) – Everything you need to know

What is it?

pole dancing lessons chesterGood question!  Ok first of all I will tell you what all these letters stand for:

 PDC – Pole Dance Community

 AAP – Advancement Accreditation Programme

Basically, it’s a little ‘Pole Passport’ which students,  instructors and general pole enthusiasts can buy and acts as proof of your skill level.


Think of it like this:  In Karate, you get different coloured belts.  In gymnastics you get  awarded different grades.  Hell – even your local pub’s footy team get awarded trophies each season they play!

The PDC AAP programme is nationally recognised, which means that you can take your passport to any other PDC registered school to continue your learning, or any master class, pole jam or other events!  This is your POLE RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT!


Why do I need one?

Depends, there are loads of reasons but mainly because it’s a BLOODY GOOD IDEA!

Are you a pole enthusiast?  If you are, I bet you’ve spent a bunch of money on lessons and masterclasses over the years – well then isn’t it about time you had a way of recording everything you have done, and everything you’re gonna do?!

Are you proud of what you can do?  Then show it!  These pole passports prove that you know your stuff, can do it well and have been taught how to do it properly!

Are you a dancer? – Well then why not add another string to your bow!  Nationally standardised pole dancing excellence is sure to impress!

Are you hoping to work in the pole industry in the future? – Well this will be an essential part of your CV and nationally recognised, documented PROOF that you are capable!


Why do we think it’s great?

Because only a PDC approved school can offer it to you and oversee your exam.  This is important to us because it means we really know OUR stuff too.

Every school in the country think they are pretty damn good, we wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, and we all claim to be ‘The Best’ in the area or ‘Premium’  but how do YOU know for sure?

Standards is the answer.  Just like in any other industry, pole schools vary on what is taught, how it is taught and what sort of standard it is taught at.  You need to know that your teacher knows how to do the moves properly and also knows how to teach them properly – so that YOU can perform them properly!


Setting the standard…

Picture 1 here shows a bad ‘Tammy’.  Why is it bad?  Well, it is clearly ameteur.  My hands are on the pole and I am taking some weight in them, my leg isn’t very far away, my chest is hugging the pole, my toes aren’t pointed – it’s just not a completed move.  If you are just learning the trick and your Tammy looks like this, then that’s fine, you NEED your hands on the pole whilst you’re experimenting with your leg grip.  But this pic shows that I don’t have confidence in my leg grip as I have my hands firmly on the pole, and it’s a long way from being mastered yet.


Picture 2 here shows another bad Tammy.  It’s an improvement – my leg is now a lot further away from the pole – why is that important? well having your leg close by looks like a bit of a ‘safety net’ thing.  If you feel yourself slipping, and your leg is close by, it will be easy to whack that leg back on the pole, wrap it around and re-affirm full leg contact with the pole to stop yourself falling.  Which means that you are not confident with your leg grip.  The further away your leg is, the more you can show off your supreme grip.

BUT I am cheating – I still have my hands on the pole, still taking a bit of weight in them, but mostly using them to sort of bracket my upper body away from the pole.  Again, if you have superb leg grip, you don’t need your hands.  A fully mastered Tammy is totally hands free, back arched, chest away from the pole, so if your teacher tells you this is a Tammy, either she has mis-understood the trick, or she is teaching you another move and getting the name confused.

Picture 3 shows a mastered Tammy.  My leg is away from the pole, toes pointed, I am relying entirely on my leg grip, my back is arched, my chest is clear of the pole and I am completely hands free.  I am not wingin in, this isn’t fluke, I could hold it all day (but 3 seconds is usually enough).  I can get in and out of it safely and confidently, and I can transition into another trick from here easily.  I have been taught how to do it properly, and the move is MASTERED.




What do I need to do and how much is it?

The pole passport is £30 and can be bought here:

 We will hand it to you in class/drop-in, or you can come to collect, or we will post once we have it in.


Ok – got my passport, now what?

WELL DONE!  Firstly, attach your passport photo immediately!  Make it fun, this is no ordinary passport picture so how about one of you on the pole?  Write in any master classes you have attended, or competitions entered at the back.

We will be throwing training days for each level.  In these sessions I am not there to TEACH you, you should already know all of your technique from your lessons, but I will go over:

How to warm up properly

Demo all of the moves for the level and you will be asked to choose 10 to work with for your exam.

We will practise and improve your 10 moves – how to get into them cleanly and controlled, how to position yourself, practise holding it for 10 seconds (eventhough on the exam day you will only need to hold for 3), how to exit your move clean and controlled.

We will also experiment with your routine – I won’t tell you what to do – your routine must be your own work, but I will be giving pointers on how to transition between moves, work on fluidity, correct any irregular posture or demonstrate how to extend yourself etc….

How to cool down properly.


Training day dates will be released as and when the demand suits, I only have 9 places per training day, check the website regularly for updates, or better yet join our mailing list to be emailed with all of the latest info.

Training days cost just £10 and will last 2 hours.

How and when can I practise?

After the training day, you will need to go away and practise everything we covered for your exam so you can be fully prepared.  You can do this at home no problem if you have a pole, but if you feel like you need the extra support, or you don’t have a home pole yet – feel free to come to the drop-in’s to practise with us.

Don’t forget our drop-in deal£20 for 4 drop-in’s PLUS either a free set of shorts, OR another drop-in for free (your choice), AND our offer of the month – join our mailing list to find out what that is!

What will the exam be like?

Option 1:

You have two choices, you can join the group because it is cheaper to do so, or you can have your exam in private, but it will cost more.  It costs £10 and will last approx 2 hours.

The group exam will work like this: 

You will arrive with the girls (they will be the same girls you attended the training day with, again I only have 9 places).

I fill in a load of paperwork first (fun), then one at a time, then you will be asked to show me your warm-up, your 10 moves individually, your routine and your cool down.

The warm up and cool down only need to be brief – I just need to be able to see that you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it safely, meaning you don’t need to hold all the stretches forever, just show me the position and hold it long enough for me to inspect your positioning….same for the cool down.

During your routine, expect some supportive cheering from ‘your audience’.

Remember it’s an exam though, I am not allowed to coach you in any way – you need to know your stuff and demonstrate it perfectly.

You’ll rejoin the group, and the next girl will be up.  At the end I will announce who has passed, sign your passports and order your certificates.  If you didn’t pass, it’s not the end of the world, it may just be that some of your moves aren’t quite strong enough yet and I will give you a full explanation and help you prepare for the next grading day, which will be free.

Book/Pay for your place:

Option 2:

You have the option for me to do your exam privately, but it will be treated as a One2One session due to room hire costs and will cost you £25.

The session will be the same as the group exam, but with any spare time we have at the end – I will include a bit of free coaching ready for your next level.

Book/Pay now: