Our Masterclass with …

Miss Sally Ann Giles!

So this weekend just gone, myself and my super hot number 2 Darryl went to have a masterclass with none other than SAG!


I’m still calming down right now but needless to say we loved every minute and I will happily recommend burning your money on something like this in the future if the occasion arises because it is well worth it! (Maybe we should invite her to Candy & Chrome Chester sometime?)

Sally is not only a strong warrior woman (see video for proof!), but she is also a strong instructor too.  I think I would marry her someday.  I said that out loud didn’t I?

[quote float=”left”]Everything you do with pole, is all about the ‘push and pull’.  Any time your hand is above your shoulder, it’s a power lift, any time your hand is low, it’s a supportive push.[/quote]Anyhoo – I walked away very happy because Sally’s teaching style is very similar to mine, and it was nice to have someone like her confirm a lot (like 99%) of what I say to you girls in class, and it was nice to be in the role reversal of being a student under her.

I have (as always!) made notes of what we have learned and the technique behind it – which I am getting around to tappin up (errr ….. soon …. ish!) and am happy to share with you IN CLASS.  I take all of my combined experiences whenever I do things like this and share it with you in my own way as best I can – so you may notice some subtle changes or additions in class over the next few weeks.

Also – be prepared to be doing more stuff LEFT HANDED!  Yes I know …. I SAY it, but I rarely DO IT or ENFORCE it.  But Sally has reminded me exactly how important it is to treat your ‘weaker side’ as well as your stronger side, and when faced with it …. I found some serious weaknesses in my ability which I am really going to enjoy killing!

And as for ‘Double Dee’ ….. phwar …. watch out!  Coz I think she’s going to be bringing out the big guns over the next few weeks!

Here’s a shot of a very chuffed Double Dee, with her legend, Sally Ann Giles: