Candy & Chrome pole dancing Chester reaches Level 2 status…

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  ‘ In general,  Level 2 instructors should exemplify excellence in teaching quality and have extensive pole fitness industry experience.’


Amy (Tiny), our principal instructor at Candy & Chrome pole dancing Chester has reached Level 2 PDC Instructor status!

Errrr….what is the PDC?

  ‘ The Pole Dance Community (PDC) represents a group of independent pole dance schools, that have agreed to abide by a code of conduct, ensuring best practise within the fitness pole dancing industry.  They have each provided proof of their insurance, experience, safe practice and fair pricing.  They represent the best you could wish from a pole dance school ‘.

Okay great, so why is level 2 status special?

Well, any school or individual teacher wishing to be recognised and accepted for PDC approval needs to register, once registered – you are a Level 1 Instructor.  This is the requirement for a Level 1 :

  ‘ All level 1 instructors have; provided the PDC with copies of their insurance and first aid certificates, confirmed that they are using safe poles, agreed to teach no more than three students to a pole and have promised to keep their charges reasonable. 

This, along with a PDC requirement for instructors to have three years experience means that over 60% of schools who have applied for PDC Approval have been turned down.

A PDC Level 1 instructor represents the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality within the pole fitness industry’.

Which is all very good, but a LEVEL 2 instructor has to provide evidence of a certain amount of history within pole, along with suitable references and seek approval from the head folk at the PDC to be deemed as ‘One of the good-un’s!’

Here is the Level 2 requirements:

‘Instructor level 2 is achieved by providing a suitable pole dancing CV to the Pole Dance Community.  The CV should detail such things as; time spent dancing/teaching, number of students taught, competition success achieved by the instructor and/or her students, copies of press or other media articles relating to the instructor, provable commitment to career development i.e. courses attended.  In addition, the application must be supported by references from at least two other PDC Approved Schools.  In general,  Level 2 instructors should exemplify excellence in teaching quality and have extensive pole fitness industry experience.’

Our Profile…

Tiny’s profile can be viewed on the PDC WEBSITE.

Special Thanks…

Special thanks to our referee’s for their kind words, and to the PDC for their recognition and continuous support.


3 thoughts on “Candy & Chrome pole dancing Chester reaches Level 2 status…

  1. Hi there,
    just wanted to say I fell in love with your picture. I haved used it in my Italian blog (here is the link; as you can see I mentioned picture is your property (since most of pictures I upload on the blog have my copyright). If you find this bad, please contact me and I’ll hide the picture.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Aryanna,

      Thank you so much for asking and so nicely too.
      As long as it is not used as a business logo or for promoting your services etc… then I am happy to let you use my image to decorate your blog and am honoured that you have chosen to use it.
      Thank you for showing me respect by actually asking, most don’t bother and in pole dance….people should know better than to steal other school’s images, copyrighted or not – it’s very rude, which is why it is so refreshing to be able to help someone who does know better! So please do use it.

      Much respect to you, and thanks!

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