Candy & Chrome pole dancing article featured on ‘Women’s’

Calories burnt whilst pole dancing

Hi Everyone!

Just a little bit of news, I had the pleasure of teaching the lady that runs this website at a recent free open day in Chester.

She very kindly emailed back to me afterards and explained that although it might not be the exercise for her, she had a thoroughly good time in class!  and would like to share her experiences through a website she manages and runs with a friend. now has a pole dance featured article – more great press for the love of pole!  So, if you have some time, please take a wee look at it by clicking HERE.

Women’s thoughts is a website….. well…for women!  Packed with ideas for recipes, household tips, fashion, beauty, leisure, lifestyle, anything you might find of interest really,  so if you are looking for something to do, or help with a new project, or something creative to bake – click on the image below and it will take you to the website!

Calories burnt whilst pole dancing

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