All Wales Pole Championships 2012

Candy & Chrome at the All Wales Pole Championships

The AWPC 2012 …. By Candy & Chrome

Another year, another successful AWPC event!

I like to try and say something about every single competitor as every single one of them deserve recognition in my opinion, but of course this means I HAVE TO BE BRIEF!
First of all, I’d like to say well done to the lovely Tracey of Pagan’s pole, who (as always) ran a tight and professional competition this year.

The compare this year was none other than Sally Ann Giles, and judging was Stacey Sneddon of X-Pole, Karen Chaundy of Bodybarre, and Penny Heyworth of Bodybarre.

Jason Robertshaw opened the event with a one of a kind Pirates of the Caribbean contemporary dance, but we also saw performances from Kacey Westwood, Sara Jones, Karen Chaundy, Penny Heyworth and Sally Ann Giles.

The only technical hitch of the night was that some of the competetors wore Stickum spray on their skin, which caused a lot of problems and is now banned from future AWPC events.
Stickum is an adhesive spray which has a ‘glue like surface, although it can be used for pole dance, it is also used for fixing the soles of your shoes! IT’S STRONG.

Right – on the the competitors!




JESSICA COPPACK – 1st Place Winner
Ok, first things first, Jessica Coppack has a lovely body! She came on stage and injected a lot of fun into her routine with a modern and ‘peppy’ music choice.
She didn’t over use the pole, but her tricks were worth the wait.

WENDY THOMAS – 2nd Place Winner
One of my favorites of the evening!
I loved Wendy’s costume and it was a joy to see someone put some attention into their floorwork. I loved Wendy’s attitude and energy, and she threw a bit of comedy in there too, making Wendy, for me, the perfect ‘Polesquer’.

Amanda chose a lady GaGa theme, and shows off her performing diva side in this routine. With her confident dance moves, you just cant deny that Amanda can do anything she puts her heart into, and that shows.

Lots of smiles from Deb! Deb makes it very clear that she thoroughly enjoys pole and performing. She held all tricks for a solid 3 seconds for us to see.

Lovely costume. Leanne’s routine started slow but that was fitting with her music choice which was a GooGoo Dolls track. She pulled a pretty routine and was very expressive with her moves. My favorite trick in this routine was her back hand grab spin.

Beth used poi to add variety to her performance. I enjoyed her dance moves and she looked like she was enjoying herself. Beth sexed things up a bit towards the end of her routine.

Candy’s costume was amazing! Her routine was well themed and she had good use of props. Her performance was slightly eccentric and reminded me of something Lady GaGa would do. Would like to have seen more tricks in this routine though.

Lovely spins in this routine. Daniella’s moves were pretty, smooth and clean. She looks amazing in a corset too, and I was impressed that she was able to do this routine in a restraining costume.

Allana picked a classic favorite track to dance to. She performed a nice switcheroo spin, and her whole routine was well rehearsed. You could tell this girl had worked hard as everything was well timed.





ELANOR SMITH – 1st Place Winner
The first thing I noticed is that Elanor has great muscle definition.
What quickly became pretty obvious too was that she is classically trained in dance and gymnastics which she used to her full advantage.
What does that mean? well she displayed clean lines and good overall strength and was very comfortable performing too. This performance was closer to a more experienced, professional standard.

BETH FAGAN – 2nd Place Winner
Another one with lovely lean muscle. Again my favorite move in this routine was her back hand grab.
Beth showed good technique with her very clean spins and perfectly executed moves.

Another fabulous burlesque costume. Julia held all of her moves well, and wasn’t afraid to shake what her moma gave her to get the crowd going!

Sian demonstrated a very clean bow & arrow which was her best pose in this routine I think, although all of her moves were well executed. Sian looks so sweet as she smiles at the crowd.

Elena chose a very hard fast rock track by System of a Down to dance to which I have to show my respect for as it’s so difficult to work with! Elena has a bold and exciting start and my favorite moves from her were that lovely embrace pose she did and a bridge to finish.

Ok, these guys stole the stage a bit with a mother and son street battle to kick off Lisa’s routine – something I had never seen before.
I loved the music mash-up to signify the start of momma’s time on the pole. Lisa used this time to turn up the noise and the pole tricks, the result was unique, original and fantastic.

Another lovely, well presented bow & arrow by Leah. Leah’s routine was packed full of tricks, all were held well but I would have liked to have seen her dance more.

Meghann took inspiration for this routine from a famous Youtube video for Daft Punk’s Stronger,Faster song, which includes word play in the dancing. When the chorus line sped up for this, Maghann nailed the co-ordination to pull off the routine. RESPECT.

Jo demonstrated good technique with her fun routine and there were smiles all the way. Jo thoroughly enjoyed performing tonight with a well rehearsed routine and she finished her ending pose perfectly in time with her music.





HEATHER WALKER – 1st Place Winner
Ever delicate and balletic, Heather is an artist on the pole as well as a beautiful performer. Her dancing is exquisite, clean lines and always fully extended. Whether she’s playing a rock chick or a fairy princess, Heather’s pole work is world class standard.

HAYLEY WHARTON – 2nd Place Winner
Hayley starts with an impressive and very gymnastic based series of moves. Her routine was rammed full of tricks and ambitious combos which she pulled off with ease. Overall, her routine packed a whole lotta attitude too.

RIOGHNACH JESSUP – Something Special awarded by X-Pole
This was a routine I had seen before at another competition she entered in, but once again it didn’t fail to impress. Irish folk dancing in a Welsh comp? Well whyever not? Very few others could pull off what Rhionach can do, she is skilled and spritely.

EMMA DEERING – People’s Choice Award
Emma performs her brass monkey and split grip tricks with ease and controlled dismounts. What’s clear is Emma’s confidence in her strength which to be fair was unmatched this evening. Would like to see more smiles though.

Claire had nicely executed moves and she held all of her strength poses with ease. There was a fabulous iguana lift and I can’t stress how much this pleases me as it’s difficult to pull off as slow and controlled and smooth as she did it.
Girl needs to show more confidence in herself because she performed beautifully.

Nikki is nothing if not a happy-go-lucky fun time girl when she performs, with the tricks to back it up. She displayed some difficult aerial switch spins from the start as well as other bold moves. Nikki’s attitude sets the crowd alive.

And the award for the most sparkleyest costume goes to Cheryl, who wore a chandelier as a bikini! But it wasn’t all about the costume, Cheryl had the tricks to back it up and incorporated some belly dancing to really make that outfit work! Stunning.



TALIA HAWKER – 1st Place Winner
A newcomer to the AWPC, Talia was out to impress and I think she did that!
She started with a very energetic cheer leader routine, throwing some hard tricks, but then slowed things down to demonstrate a little more control.
Talia clearly enjoys what she does and is a spirited dancer.


SONIA ALLCOCK – 2nd Place Winner
Sonia chose a cowboy theme this year and with this routine she oozes sex appeal, whilst remaining tasteful.
Sonia shows experience and skill by ticking all the boxes with this routine – she really has the whole package – an impressive display of strength, flexibility and athleticism, but most of all style! Always a crowd favorite, Sonia improves every year.


Leah has advanced herself tenfold since I saw her last year, and this performance demonstrated that perfectly.
She performs an emotional, contemporary style, which was beautiful, well paced and seriously controlled.
Her tricks were clean and she included plenty of strength poses.
Leah is a worthy competitor in the professional category and although she didn’t win over the judges this time, she captured my attention and reminded me of one of my all time favorite pollers.


Full details of the competition, photo galleries & general info can be found on the All Wales Pole Championships website.

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