Sexy Flexy Stretch


Join our Sexy Flexy classes now!

You don’t have to be able to fold yourself in half, backwards, whilst hanging upside down!  (If you can then great!).

But good flexibility can help you execute and finish your pole moves effortlessly, and add a more polished look to your lines.  And who doesn’t want that right?

You don’t even have to be doing pole dance classes to join us for this one, gaining good general flexibility is beneficial to absolutely anyone!

Our Sexy Flexy classes are a 4 week commitment of 30 minute group stretch sessions, and is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their flexibility, whether they do pole dance or not.

The main focus of the session is to gain leg flexibility ready for the splits, and back flexibility to support a deep but comfortable back arch.  And yes, this is mostly to supplement your pole work and improve how your lines look when you do pole – however the whole body gets a good going over during these sessions also.

Cost: £10 for a block of 4 sessions.

Check our Calendar for the latest start dates and get booked on!

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