Pole Dance & Burlesque Class start dates…

Below you’ll see the latest start dates for all of our pole dance courses and Burlesque classes.

During July & August, we do not offer courses, but we do have practise sessions called ‘Pole Jams’ available for our regular students to utilise as time to practise, build strength & flexibility and maintain skill.

These sessions are for current students only, we do not accept new starters (for safety reasons) outside of the Beginner courses.

Courses will resume as normal in September, however keep an eye out below for free taster sessions in August.

Improver Pole Dance Course Starts – Chester
Mar 10 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Improver level

Pre-Requisites: Beginner level + Strength & Technique level (or similar, if you have come from another school).

Suitable for Beginner-Intermediate level students as more upper body strength and pole confidence is required.  The course is one hour a week for eight weeks.

We start this course with some more difficult spins, poses, various seated and laying back tricks, climbing and basic inverted moves.

By weeks 4/5 is where it gets a bit tougher.  Since Beginner level, we have built up your strength for this bit so you will be able to cope with what comes next … Inverting, Aerial tricks, Dismounts.  We will also take your shoulder mount from the preparation stage (which was included in Level 1) one step further.  We also begin work on the handspring by the end of this course.

It’s totally OK to repeat this course if you’re not totally confident by the end, some will, some won’t need to – there’s no hard-fast rules, take it at YOUR pace!

You can either pay for the full 8 week course at £80 – Which to be honest is best because it secures your space for the duration of the course.

OR you can choose to pay in two £40 chunks instead (in advance) BUT once it’s time to renew the second half, you might find that there aren’t enough places as they have been pre-paid.

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