Pole Dance Taster Session

Try it, You might like it!

This is just a one-off lesson and would suit anyone who is just curious and not quite ready to commit to a full course. It will give you a good idea about what is involved and what pole dancing is all about!

Although we say FREE,  it sort of isn’t…

What we mean is, we DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR CASH for this session, but we WOULD LIKE PAYMENT, in the form of a donation (if you can, no worries if not).  You can choose to pay via bringing either:

A couple of cans of dog food
A tube of toothpaste
Some socks
A pair of gloves
A couple of packets of baby wipes
A beanie hat
Cupa soup
Tinned goods
A packet of tea
Or coffee
Or a bag of sugar
A bar of soap
A shower gel or shampoo
A toothbrush
A hair brush
An old blanket
A pillow
Or any warm clothes that you just don’t wear

The items collected from our FREE taster sessions are donated to Chester’s homeless city mission, or when we can, we will try to get out on the streets at night ourselves and hand out your goods to people who need them.

Find Out When:

We hold a FREE Taster session every month. To find out when the next one is, you can view our calendar.

How To Book:

Booking is easy, all you need to do is fill in the Par-Q form below, and turn up on the day ready to play!

What To Wear:

What to do next, what to bring, where to park, and most importantly – what to wear!