Burlesque Chester

It’s a life…It’s a style…It’s a need…

It’s Burlesque!

Although Pole Dance is our speciality, we do like to dabble in the dark and decadent arts of Burlesque.

After causing a bit of a sensation with our Burlesque master classes and workshops, we have decided to make it a bit more of a regular thing, because nobody quite does Burlesque in Chester like Candy & Chrome!

So … we invite you to show a little leg, shimmy your chest and join in the fun!

The courses and master classes we offer are designed to be fun, flirty, feminine and fabulous!  You do get a bit of a work-out from it too, but the main focus is on confidence building, postural awareness, making an entrance and creating your own personal limelight!

You can find out more about our Burlesque master classes & workshops by visiting the dedicated website ‘Burlesque Chester’.

As well as offering Burlesque events throughout the year, we also offer Burlesque themed Hen/Birthday parties too. Just visit our Hen Party Website to find out more.

About Our Burlesque Master Classes…

Below are some videos from when we invited Rodney James aka ‘Mr Burlesque’ all the way from Australia to come to Chester for master instruction.  He is the founder of Burlesque Beat, World renowned Polesque diva, and you may even remember him from the ‘Moulin Rouge’ movie (eeek!).