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Photo albums from various pole dance shoots over the years

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Candy & Chrome Pole Student Photoshoot, May 2013

If you click on that big photo up there ^ , it will expand and turn into a photographic slide show!  Clever stuff!

These were the shots taken from the day by our lovely Order Valium Overnight Delivery fromValium Online Canada.

She is also responsible for our April 2013 ‘Mr Burlesque’ Masterclass shots too because we love her work so much!

If you have a project or a memorable moment you want capturing – we would recommend Leah til the cow’s come home!

However …. this time she wasn’t alone!

She brought professional (and talented!) make-up artist Buy Msj Valium Online Uk (Wirral based) with her, as well as her clever and talented videographer dude husband – Andy.

This is his fruits of the day ……

Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets

Candy & Chrome’s April 2013 ‘Mr Burlesque’ Masterclass in Chester!

If you click on that big photo up there ^ , it will expand and turn into a photographic slide show!  Clever stuff!

These were the shots taken from the day by our lovely Order Valium Overnight Delivery from Buy Valium Australia.

She is also responsible for our May 2013 pole photo shoot too because we love her work so much!

If you have a project or a memorable moment you want capturing – we would recommend Leah til the cow’s come home!