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Bought em, watched, this is what I thought of em …

Advanced Pole Work & Fire

Who is it by?:  Fawnia Mondey, Tammy Morris, Kelly Kane, Natasha Bird.

Who is it for?:  Advanced students

Costs:  £16

Buy at:  Isn’t she pretty

Candy & Chrome Rating:  ****

4 Out of 5 Stars – FANTASTIC, but brief! Continue reading “Advanced Pole Work & Fire”

The Vertical Dance Workout Box Set

11Who is it by?:  KT Coates of Vertical Dance

Who is it for?:  All levels of student.

Volume 1 = Beginner & Intermediate Students

Volume 2 = Intermediate & Advanced Students.

Costs:  £15.99 each

Buy At:  Vertical Dance

Candy & Chrome Rating:  *****

5 out of 5 stars – Excellent and Professionally made, a safe purchase. Continue reading “The Vertical Dance Workout Box Set”

A Pole Lot of Fun

pole dance dvd reviewWho’s it by?: Pole Lot of Fun Enterprises.  Instructional demonstrations by Fawnia Mondey.

Who’s it for?:  Absolute beginners, real women, the out of shape, starting from scratch.

Costs:  £15

Buy at:

Candy & Chrome Rating:   **

2 out of 5 stars – Does what it says on the tin, but you won’t learn much. Continue reading “A Pole Lot of Fun”

Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101

pole tricks 101 dvdWho is it by?:  Pantera….duh

Who is it for?: Good question, pay attention….This DVD is for advanced pole students, serious pole enthusiasts and even instructors.  Not for beginners!

Costs: Around $23 to $30  (£15-£19)

Buy at:

Candy & Chrome Rating:  *****

5 out of 5 stars – Just because! Continue reading “Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101”

About Pole DVD’s – Read before you buy!

My First Rookie Pole Error…

With so many quality DVD’s on the market I get a lot of students asking me which one they should buy.

I remember the first DVD I bought……
I had had about 2 lessons, bought a pole, set it up in the lounge and bought a DVD.  I was ready to GO!
So I put it on….. Pantera’s Pole Tricks 101!!

If you have seen it already or know anything about it, you’re probably rolling on the floor laughing at me right now.

Continue reading “About Pole DVD’s – Read before you buy!”

A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance Trilogy Box Set

pole dance dvd reviewWho is it by?:  Tracey Simmonds & Pleasure Poles

Who is it for?: Varying levels of pole student, serious pole enthusiasts and Instructors.

Beginner DVD = Beginner-Intermediate students.

Intermediate DVD=Intermediate-Advanced Students & Material for instructors to improve the look of their moves.

pole dance dvd reviewAdvanced DVD = Serious pole enthusiasts or Instructors, not for students.

Costs:  £14 each, or £40 for all 3 at once.

 Buy at: 

Candy & Chrome Rating:   *****

5 out of 5 stars – Excellent, but may be a bit advanced for some. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Pole Dance Trilogy Box Set”