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Moisturising … On the day of pole!

How very dare you!

You know the rules – No moisturising on the day of pole!  Or can we …. ?

For hundreds of years (ok maybe not hundreds, but as far back as I can remember) the cardinal sin of all things pole is moisturising your skin on the day of pole.

Moisturising body products like creams, oils, lotions, fake tan etc … leaves your skin coated in a film of producty goop, which makes YOU kinda slimy, meaning no grip, which transfers to the pole, meaning continuous cleaning of the damn pole instead of learning any actual pole, and it STILL causes a potential slippery death trap for the person after you!

So generally, moisturising on the day of pole is BANNED.

But of course, dry de-hydrated skin doesn’t grip well either.  Sigh. Continue reading “Moisturising … On the day of pole!”

What’s in your Pole Gym Kit?

Seriously… What’s in there?

Once you get past Beginner level in pole dance, and things are starting to become a bit more serious, it’s well worth picking yourself up a ‘Pole Gym Bag’, to be kept in the car at all times, ready for pole class!

‘It is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time’.

– Bob the Drag Queen

Leggings are out and cute little outfits are in, the smaller the better!  By now, hopefully you’ll be using your health journal and carrying it everywhere with you, and then there’s the pole grip you bought the other week to cart around too, plus your phone for the all important pole selfies, water infuser, hand towel, stripper heels etc…

If your going to make a commitment then it’s time to kit you out like you mean business!

So… Here’s what’s in our Pole Gym Kit – What’s in yours?


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HOW TO: Treat a Muscle Injury

Although most of the time this happens outside of class, and at pole we have lots of great practices and injury prevention techniques in place, every once in a while someone may experience an ouchie.

Even if we can deadlift and suspend our entire body sideways, aerially via pole – shockingly we are not super human after all, and injuries happen to the best of us.

Muscle soreness is pretty standard and honestly, if you don’t feel beasted after a good pole session then did you even work out?
But torn muscles is more serious and painful, and needs to be treated with care. Continue reading “HOW TO: Treat a Muscle Injury”

June & July Pole Playlist

Find this playlist on

As we wind down our classes for the Summer break, what suits us best is lazy hazy feel good sounds, as delivered by Clozee and Dreamers Delight.

This playlist is a bit smaller than the others as we simply don’t spend as much time in the classroom in the months of June & July.

Who Is Number Two?

At Candy & Chrome, we have a brilliant team delivering your pole classes each week.
There is somewhat of a hierarchy, but to be honest – absolutely everyone on the team is equally important and without which, we would not be able to be as awesome as we are.

For this article though, I want to explain a bit about the role of our very special people who are chosen to be ‘Number Two’.

Business Owner

You’ve got your school owner.  That’s me.
I run the show.
I spend a lot of time fannying about with the website, doing paperwork, writing blogs, answering your emails, updating social media, advertising, promoting, organising, writing lesson plans, and handling the day to day running of the business.
I do also teach and I’ve got over a decade of experience doing this,  but to avoid things getting old and stale, I now rely on the skills of a bunch of bloody brilliant instructors.


So next we have our fabulous instructors.

They are the rock stars teaching your class, pulling amazing stunts, being friendly, motivating you and introducing you to all things pole.

They are fully insured, qualified, first aid certified, experienced and have served time as an unpaid number two for generally a couple of years.  Although highly passionate,  they get paid to do the job and they are the beautiful face of our company.

They are the ‘Number One’s’ of the room,  when I am not around, they are in charge – they are the Boss!  And believe me, they have worked bloody hard to get there.

But who is Number Two?

Number Two’s are very special people.

If you want a name for it, they are assistant instructors.  But they are more than that.

If you are lucky enough to have a Number Two in the room working with you,  then you should know that these people are unpaid,  they are there because they absolutely bloody love pole, and have a deep desire to help you progress.

Number Two’s help the instructor’s set up, warm up the group, work the room, they provide extra energy, support, they spot you and keep you safe, they help you train and repeat any coaching given if you are struggling.

They work hard, and offer their time for free because they are super passionate, and are there to learn how to instruct as well as working towards training themselves, whilst helping you.

They are heroins, passionate and dedicated.  And we don’t take just anybody.

Some of our number two’s over the years have gone on to teach classes further afield, or start their own businesses elsewhere, some have become quite famous within the industry, and some have stayed right here with us – and they are now the rockstar instructors running the classes.

Number Two’s are basically the future of pole, and are special because they have been chosen to have us invest in them.

Got what it takes to be a Number Two?  We are always on the lookout so make yourself known!