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Who Is Number Two?

At Candy & Chrome, we have a brilliant team delivering your pole classes each week.
There is somewhat of a hierarchy, but to be honest – absolutely everyone on the team is equally important and without which, we would not be able to be as awesome as we are.

For this article though, I want to explain a bit about the role of our very special people who are chosen to be ‘Number Two’. Continue reading “Who Is Number Two?”

10 Motivational Tips

To Keep Your ‘PoleJo’ Flowing

Pole is for life, not just for January!
I know that when you make your new year resolutions, you really do mean it.  I believe you.  You genuinely have the best of intentions.
But you’d be a superfreak if you naturally just kept them all for the whole year without hiccup.
The human body DOES NOT store motivation, so don’t dwell when you fall off the wagon – that’s inevitable and the odds are never in your favour when it comes to staying motivated by yourself.
That only way you fail is if you give up when you’re on a downer. It’s easy done.

So how to beat it? STAY MOTIVATED! Sounds simple enough but actually THAT’S the hardest part of all.
I’m no expert at this either, however I do have at least 10 good tips that could help you… Continue reading “10 Motivational Tips”

January Pole Playlist

Find this play list on What are we shakin’ our TaTa’s to this month?

As usual, it’s an eclectic mix of:  A lil bit of Rock (Ok a lot of rock), a few things dancey, something a little balletic, something a little fancy footworky, all out head bangin’ and pole thrashin’, LazysexyGrungey, grind worthy, hair flickery, and it’s skin strokingly good.

Think I’ve just about covered everybody here.

May we present …. The Candy & Chrome January Pole Playlist …

Your Health Journal

Ladies – Your body is AMAZING! It really is! Wobbly bits n all.
It’s a clever machine that can store muscle memory, nutrients, information, memories and all kinds of wonderful things.

But one thing the body does not store is – MOTIVATION! So it’s no surprise that those new year resolutions go a bit wayward after just a few short weeks.
Most people struggle with motivation, and that’s normal – especially when it comes to pole.   And we all hit plateau every once in a while as well (but I’ll save that chat for another time).

At Candy & Chrome we do have one weapon to help combat this and help keep you motivated, which is – Your Health Journal. Continue reading “Your Health Journal”

Christmas Pole Playlist

Find this play list on Spotify.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t my best work…

But have you ever tried to find and Christmas themed tracks that you could dance to, I mean really try and dance to with your serious dance face on, that aren’t cheesy, make you want to puke, festive but somewhat cool? Or just aren’t pure sh*t even?

It’s a damn near impossible job isn’t it?  But I’ve done my best and this will forever be a work in progress but …

We present … The Candy & Chrome Christmas playlist …


Smoke Fairies – Snowglobe Blizzard
Steviie Wonder & Keanu – Jingle Bells
Arion – Carols of the Bells
Traitors – Lonely this Christmas (Only available on our Spotify Playlist)
Patrick Reza – Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
Joan Osborne – What do bad girls get?
Mrs Claus – F*ck Me Santa (Only available on our Spotify Playlist)
Helix – Sock it to me Santa
ACDC – Mistress for Christmas
Deejay Nic the Band – Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Rockstep 
Meiko – Maybe next year


This… had made a HUGE difference to my life!


RRP = £34.99
OUR PRICE = £24 (And this INCLUDES UK postage!)  BUY NOW


Today’s review is all about this amazing, if not a bit odd looking device – The Back Nodger!
OMG this thing is my latest obsession and has made a massive difference to my life!
(it’s not a sex toy either btw – but it might be as satisfying!).
Great for releasing stress tension in the neck & shoulders – whether you pole or not!
But if you do pole, the nodger will locate and destroy those naggy knots! (especially the ones that hide just under your shoulder blade!).
Get the ultimate ooohhh ahhhh feeling and claim your back back!


‘How to’ – Be late for pole class & our policies on it all.

I came across this article the other day, which – via hilarious stick men drawings, explains the inner workings of what goes on inside the brain of a person who is chronically late (hands up me).

It got me thinking about lateness in general, how it affects pole, and our three basic rules about being all tardy. Continue reading “LATENESS …”